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Monday, 27 June 2016

ត្រីបុកពិសេស Home Cooking by Cambodian Housewife

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Kalonh Chuck ខ្មែរពីស្បែកដល់ឆ្អឹង! said...

You are killing me [with ត្រីភ្ទក់] there, Mr. SOV! It's second only to my favorite CAT FISH [ត្រីអណ្ដែង?]. And I am glad you picked something that has nothing to do with the [YUON's] fish sauce esp., the one made in "PHU QUOC" island which was originally [and still] our Khmer's Koah Tral [កោះត្រល់]! Portes-toi bien mon pote! Kal/ខាល