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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Gov’t eyes Kantha Bopha hospital handover

Families gather awaiting treatment at Kantha Bopha Children's Hospital last year.
Families gather awaiting treatment at Kantha Bopha Children's Hospital last year. Sreng Meng Srun

Gov’t eyes Kantha Bopha hospital handover
Fri, 20 May 2016 ppp
Niem Chheng and Yesenia Amaro

The government has set up a working group to prepare for a takeover of the Kantha Bopha Children’s Hospitals, though the Ministry of Health maintains it will leave current management arrangements in place.

The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Economy and Finance established the group to study the management of the hospital, according to documents outlining the formation and tasks for the team.

Among the group’s duties is preparing a mechanism of management and operation of the hospitals for whenever the government takes over in order to turn them into “government hospitals”, documents say.

“As I understand, it is to prepare for a handover in the future,” said Dr Sok Srun, director of the department of hospital services, who is on the group. “But we don’t have an intention to manage the hospital. Instead, we wish Dr Beat Richner to stay there as long as he can to help us.”

Dr Denis Laurent, Kantha Bopha’s deputy director, said Richner – the Swiss-born founder of the hospitals – is 69 years old and wants to find solutions for the hospitals’ sustainability in the event of his absence, adding that services would still be free of charge whenever the transition happens.


Anonymous said...

bad news if it happens.... gov -- no matter which country-- will run thing to the ground... and before you know it taxpayers will be responsible for all the expenses --gov officials are usually excellent at mismanagement of funds and good at blaming someone else for their incompetence.

Anonymous said...

Oh--you mean ObamaCare will turn to ObamaCurse? Because of many people who fought to oppose it make this happen? Well let me state that governmental care is more than meet the eye. Well let assume that too many people need healthcare and there are not enough doctors and medicine to go around for all of them...now a decision needed to be made as to who are no more fit to live longer and who are fit to continue receiving the medical help. And the UN will be glad to make this decision on behalf of WHO to start culling the great wasters.

Anonymous said...

people who have bought into obamacare have been told by many doctors and hospitals that they will NOT accept it/obamacare when they called to make appointment [ on the news ]... plus now insurance companies which signed up to provide the health insurance are suing the gov for going back on their promise to subsidize their losses ....again taxpayers will end up paying if the insurers win the lawsuit [ over 200 millions dollars by one insurer alone , but many have joined in that lawsuit ]...and yes there is a clause in obamacare where gov committee will decide who will get what type of treatment when it comes to the geriatric population. and the funny part is that old folks are still required to buy coverage for abortion...if buying the obamacare coverage.