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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Golden memories ... ផាត់ជាយបណ្ដូលចិត្ត


Anonymous said...

Thank you for getting rid of the annoying ads.

Anonymous said...

Dear School of Vice,

Thank you for posting one of many Mr. Ma Loa Py 's written songs.
Its rendition was superbly done by none other than our legendary female singer Ros Serey Soathea.

Unlike Mr. Kong Bunchoeun death, that of Mr. Ma Lao Py was mysterious, and its causes remain unknown and unresolved even to this day.
If possible, can you please provide a biography of Mr. Ma Lao Py ?

By the way, even though I oftentimes do not have a chance to mention it, your Golden Memories and your political writings and analysises are greatly appreciated.

Again yours truly thank you very much.

Your Long Time Fan

School of Vice said...

Dear reader,

Regarding a biography of Mr Ma Lao Pi, unfortunately I have not found any information on him in any coherent detail yet. There are brief references to him in many of Sin Sisamouth's biographies, but nothing more. Personally, I have only heard of his fame as a lyricist or ‘song writer’, along with that of most of his peers and contemporaries, and therefore can't say much about him or them!

I will however publish any biography of Mr Ma Lao Pi if and when I will have found it somewhere!

Thank you so much for your kind words and support as usual.

Take care,