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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

CNRP terminates US activist’s membership over Manet rumour

Hun Manet is greeted by supporters at Phnom Penh International Airport after returning from the US last month. Pha Lina

CNRP terminates US activist’s membership over Manet rumour
Tue, 17 May 2016 ppp
Meas Sokchea

The Cambodia National Rescue Party issued a letter yesterday terminating the membership of overseas activist Yorng Noy, who also goes by Brady Young, for using social media to allege that Prime Minister Hun Sen’s eldest son Hun Manet was the son of a Vietnamese leader.

The letter, signed by the party’s acting president Kem Sokha, terminated his membership from the party’s US chapter in Long Beach, California, after he posted two videos last month – one by another source debating the rumours of Manet’s parentage, and another of himself commenting on the rumours and asking Manet to take a DNA test.

“This time let me be a spokesman for CPP supporters who have a question for Hun Sen and Hun Manet, but dare not ask it. So my question is – is Hun Manet Hun Sen’s son?” he says, speaking to the camera.

Party spokesman Yim Sovann said Noy’s actions were a violation of party bylaws, though he did not detail which bylaws had been broken and denied that the action was taken following an angry rebuttal by Hun Sen last week.

In those remarks, the prime minister lashed out at the rumours, adding that the opposition would need to “pay a high price” to make amends for such accusations.

Reacting to Noy’s termination, CPP spokesman Sok Eysan said the CNRP had demonstrated no will to clarify the matter without the strong reaction from Hun Sen.

Additional reporting by Ananth Baliga


Anonymous said...

It sounds bad but I support the CNRP's decision to terminate Yorng Noy.

Sometimes, some "crazy" bravery will harm the party badly. We should not give the CPP a pretext or a reason to crush the CNRP legally.

We should think carefully about the ramification of our actions.

For instance, the CNRP insisted on non violence during the demonstration because any violence would legalize the CPP's brutal suppression.

Please change the way we think a little bit. Something that is straight or direct will not solve Cambodia's problems. In this Hun Manet's case, this stupid attack on his identity will give the CPP the green light to destroy the CNRP legally. Therefore, the dismissal of Yorng Noy is simply the right thing to do.

We should look how Vietnam did to us. Vietnam wanted to kill Khmer people, it created and brainwashed Khmer Vietminh. These Khmer Vietminh had killed millions of Khmer people. So Vietnam's action is not straight forward.

Khmer people, not the CNRP's members, should OPENLY question about Hun Manet's identity. Besides, this Hun Manet's identity has surfaced on the internet a long time ago.


Anonymous said...

some khmers who have US citizenship think that they are better than other khmers , you can observe and pick them out easily from the crowd in cambodia...it's a good thing CNRP distances itself from such people ... they are nothing but trouble.