A Change of Guard

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Monday, 9 May 2016

លោក ស ខេង៖ ការ​ចាប់​ខ្លួន​សកម្មជន​សិទ្ធិមនុស្ស​និង​ដីធ្លី​គឺ​ដើម្បី​សាកសួរ​និង​អប់រំ

លោក ស ខេង៖ ការ​ចាប់​ខ្លួន​សកម្មជន​សិទ្ធិមនុស្ស​និង​ដីធ្លី​គឺ​ដើម្បី​សាកសួរ​និង​អប់រំ
ដោយ អ៊ុង សេរីវុទ្ធ

ស ខេង ៨៥៥
ឧបនាយករដ្ឋមន្ត្រី និង​ជា​រដ្ឋមន្ត្រី​ក្រសួង​មហាផ្ទៃ លោក ស ខេង ថ្លែង​ក្រោយ​បិទ​បញ្ចប់​កិច្ច​ប្រជុំ​ស្ដីពី​ស្ថានភាព​ពន្ធនាគារ នា​ក្រសួង​មហាផ្ទៃ នៅ​ថ្ងៃ​ទី​៦ មករា ឆ្នាំ​២០១៦។
 RFA/Morm Moniroth

រដ្ឋមន្ត្រី​ក្រសួង​មហាផ្ទៃ លោក ស ខេង រាយការណ៍​ទៅ​លោក​នាយករដ្ឋមន្ត្រី ហ៊ុន សែន នៅ​ថ្ងៃ​ទី​៩ ឧសភា ថា ការ​ឃាត់​ខ្លួន​សកម្មជន​សិទ្ធិមនុស្ស​ក្នុង​យុទ្ធនាការ «ថ្ងៃ​ច័ន្ទ​ពណ៌​ខ្មៅ» គឺ​ដើម្បី​ធ្វើ​ការ​សាកសួរ​ធ្វើ​កំណត់​ហេតុ អប់រំ ធ្វើ​កិច្ចសន្យា​បញ្ឈប់​សកម្មភាព​តវ៉ា និង​រក្សាទុក​ជា​ឯកសារ​សម្រាប់​បម្រើ​ដល់​ផ្លូវ​ច្បាប់​ទៅ​ថ្ងៃ​ក្រោយ។

ក្នុងលិខិត​ផ្ញើទៅកាន់លោក ហ៊ុន សែន ​លោក ស ខេង ហៅ​មនុស្ស​សកម្មជន​ការពារ​សិទ្ធិមនុស្ស និង​ដីធ្លី​ដែល​ត្រូវ​ឃាត់​ខ្លួន ថា ជា​មេក្លោង និង​ជា​អ្នក​រឹងរួស។

ទោះជាយ៉ាងណា ក្នុង​លិខិត​ទៅ​កាន់​លោក ហ៊ុន សែន លោក ស ខេង មិន​បាន​បញ្ជាក់​ពី​ការ​ឃាត់​ខ្លួន​បុគ្គលិក​អង្គការ​លីកាដូ​ជា​​​ជន​បរទេស​២​នាក់ ដែល​ត្រូវ​បញ្ជូន​ទៅ​នាយកដ្ឋាន​អន្តោប្រវេសន៍​ដើម្បី​សាកសួរ​​នោះ​ឡើយ។

កាល​ពី​ថ្ងៃ​ទី​៨ ឧសភា ក្រសួង​មហាផ្ទៃ ណែនាំ​ឲ្យ​អ្នក​រៀបចំ​យុទ្ធនាការ​នេះ ចៀសវាង​ធ្វើ​សកម្មភាព​ណា​មួយដែលរដ្ឋាភិបាលយល់ថា​ប៉ះពាល់​សន្តិភាព ស្ថិរភាព​នយោបាយ សណ្ដាប់ធ្នាប់​សាធារណៈ ហើយ​ព្រមាន​ចាត់​វិធានការ​ប្រសិន​បើ​ពួកគេនៅតែធ្វើសកម្មភាព៕


Anonymous said...

Personal opinion


Sensing that the CPP is going to lose badly in this next election, the CPP has launched recently all kind of attacks against the CNRP.

The CNRP must take extreme precaution to counter each attack.

1- Sam Rainsy

Yuon and the CPP wanted to kill Sam Rainsy. They have used their "tools" such as Mam Sonando, Khem Veasna to wildly denounce Sam Rainsy for his refusal to return to Cambodia, making people to cast doubt on Sam Rainsy's courage as the leader.

Solution: Sam Rainsy must keep himself alive by not going into Yuon's trap.

I think Oknha Son Kuy had fallen into Yuon's trap and got killed. If Khmer Krom people got some provinces or part of Kampuchea Krom from Vietnam after Son Kuy's death, then I would not say Son Kuy fell into Yuon's trap.

2- The arrest of the CNRP's MPs and activists.

We should be happy to see some Khmer heroes who have risen to the occasion to face the evil expansionist Yuon.

Hong Sok Hour, Um Sam An, Meach Sovannara, etc... are our Khmer heroes. Their heroic acts have strengthened the CNRP and Khmer spirits.

Solution: Do not make any concession to the CPP for their release. The CPP has wrongfully persecuted these Khmer heroes. The CPP should be punished for its abuse of power.

3- The Yuvachun Yuon Srey Chamroeun

We must follow this person carefully. He is a new Yuon's tool to destroy Cambodia.
I think Srey Chamroeun and his group have been programmed to instigate the CNRP's supporters to go into a fight so that they could create violence and give the CPP the just cause to suppress the CNRP.

Solution: Make sure that the CNRP's supporters are capable of stopping this Srey Chamroeun and his group peacefully whenever they follow Kem Sokha's speeches.. Any severe injury, or death to this asshole Srey Chamroeun group would put the CNRP into deep trouble and jeopardize the 2018 election.
Yuon's tricks have never been straight forward. Yuon and its puppet might want to sacrifice a few people of this Srey Chamroeun group (make the CNRP's supporters kill them) so that they have a legitimate reason to destroy the CNRP. Do not fall into Yuon's trap.

4- Kem Sokha's affair

Kem Sokha should rethink of his mission. Liberating Cambodia from this evil Yuon, requires sacrifice from Khmer people especially from the leaders.

Solution: If he made mistake, he must correct it. No more fucking mistresses or ethical problems.
Some people have argued that almost all the CPP's officials have mistresses. Therefore, it is OK for Kem Sokha to have mistresses too. That is absolutely wrong because we are struggling to replace those crooks. We must show to the people that we are better in every aspect than the CPP.

Bun Thoeun

Kim Ea said...

They scare black . Because back are a trivialized and ephemeral symbol color of killing communist, that they dressed in the past Pol Pot killer regime .

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen Chkuot Mern Tern Heuy !!
Yumphubal came to get him but he does not want to go. That's why he acts so crazy.