A Change of Guard

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Friday, 6 May 2016



Anonymous said...


The CNRP must watch out for the Yuon's tricks through the CPP: creating problems to get something for free.

For example:

In the past, in Kampuchea Krom.

Yuon's ultimate goal was to kill the popular Son Kuy.
To accomplish that, Vietnam started destroying Khmer culture, and killed some Khmer Krom people.
Then the evil Yuon Vietnam told Khmer Krom people that if they wanted Vietnam to stop destroying Khmer culture, they must make Son Kuy surrender and let this asshole evil Vietnam kill Son Kuy.

So, Vietnam killed Son Kuy for free.

At the present time, in Cambodia.

Sensing that the CPP is in deep trouble in this next election, Hun Sen and the evil Vietnam started creating problems to the CNRP.

Now, the CNRP is ready to negotiate.

The CNRP must stop making the same stupid mistakes again and again.
The CNRP's MPs did not do anything wrong. The CPP has wrongfully persecuted your members, resulting the surge of the CNRP's popularity.

If you concede something such as amending the constitution in exchange for the release of your members from the prison, you will be absolutely committing suicide. The CNRP's popularity will go down to the drain and to hell.

The CNRP must understand that prison and death are the essential elements of the struggle to liberate a country.

The more the CNRP's members go to the jail, the stronger the CNRP will be.

For so many times, the CNRP got almost nothing from the negotiations with the CPP.

The CNRP must show and prove to the people that it has principals and display its unwavering conviction to the people that the CNRP will stick with its principals.

Finally, the CNRP's leaders must conduct themselves as a role model for Khmer people to follow: no more fucking mistresses problems, no more gambling problems, no more drinking problems, etc...

If you cannot even liberate your own penis, how can you liberate a country? No more unnecessary mistakes, please.

Bun Thoeun

Anonymous said...

ស្អីក៏ត្រូវ នៅក្រៅក៏ត្រូវនៅក៏ក្នុងក៏ល្អ បោកនោះបោកមិនស្វាងមិនទំនេសោះហើយ សំដីតំរូវនឹងស្ថានការណ៍ដែលកើតរួចហើយបែបនេះហើយដែលគេហៅថាកាត់ក្បាលតំរូវមួកនោះ។ អ្នកប្រើទ្រឹស្តីនេះបាន មានតែសណ្តានមនុស្សខូចថោកទាបតែប៉ុណ្ណោះ៕