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Saturday, 30 April 2016

Male Apsara dance

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Manekseka Sangkum,

You wet our appetite now.

How can we find YouTube clip about King Kong Sihakmoni flirting with a half naked male Royal ballet dancer ????



NB: His Majesty is probably among the audience somewhere...


Anonymous said...

in the land of the free -- USA== you could be arrested for hate crime [ for the comment you made above]...didn't you know? haven't you heard that Target store now allow man to go use a woman's restroom IF he feels/identify that he is a woman on the ''inside''....it is a just a matter of time before this craziness lands in cambodia,,, thanks in part to those'' well- educated foreigners..who have people best interests' at heart.

Anonymous said...

This male dancer is a very good Khmer royal ballet dancer.
The only objection I have here is his dance outfit.
He disgraced the traditional Khmer ballet and culture
by showing his naked butt cheeks !

Anonymous said...

Yes Sir! Just Target Store? How about schools, rest stops and religious institutions....? This is the New World Order [Disorder] taking shape to destroy morality and right conscience.

Children are being taught right is wrong. [you are a girl trapped and a boy's body] Why is the UN advocating all of these perversions? Because they want to destroy morality and family structure.

God created family, now the United Nations wants to usurp that authority by promoting homosexual marriage to destroy true model what a family consists of.

Anonymous said...

This male dancer made Sihamoni wanted to live longer.

While watching the King Sihamoni has ejaculated 2 times.

Anonymous said...

During this Dechor Hun Sen era, every thing is possible.

Anonymous said...

Juicy body for the king of wonder.It makes you wonder how many times, the king has watched this juicy body moves?.And how many times the king jerked himself off?

Anonymous said...

Looks awful