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Monday, 18 April 2016

‘Insults’ to be banned from PM’s Facebook page

Manekseka Sangkum

Offensive words and images maybe hurtful to him and his clans, but the biggest and most humiliating insult the Cambodian people have had to endure has been the PM himself - his name, deeds, reputation, crude speeches, violence, plunder of national assets, slavish obedience to Vietnam, subverting the cause of justice and public will, as well as his dogged refusal to own up to these offences.


Prime Minister Hun Sen’s Facebook page as seen in February.
Prime Minister Hun Sen’s Facebook page as seen in February. Hong Menea

‘Insults’ to be banned from PM’s Facebook page
Mon, 18 April 2016 ppp
Niem Chheng

Self-proclaimed “e-premier” Hun Sen on Saturday announced that “insulting” comments would no longer be tolerated on his Facebook page.

In recent months, the prime minister has promoted his page as the best way for citizens to lodge their grievances, at times responding with sweeping pronouncements, in one instance cancelling toll contracts on major roads.

In two posts on Saturday, however, Hun Sen warned that “Insulting pictures and comments posted on this page will be banned and blocked,” and insinuated that their authors would be banned as well.

Government spokesman Phay Siphan called the move a “good order”, but grassroots political activist Kem Ley said politicians shouldn’t shy from criticism,and even insulting comments should be left for the public to evaluate themselves.

The premier did not make clear what qualifies as “insulting”, but one Facebook user going by the moniker “Lomein Notaste” said his posts had been taken down three times.

The comments, he said, called on Hun Sen to stop pointing fingers at the opposition and to allow for a peaceful transition of power in order to safeguard his legacy.


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha​ ពេលគេអ៊ួត អរណាស់ តែដលក្មេងជេរ ថាគេ ប្រមាថ មិនគិតថាមកពីអីបានជាក្មេងជេរទេ????????????

Anonymous said...

Stupid Hun Sen,

you deserve negative opinions from others.
If you want people to praise you, it is easy, just do the right things.

Anonymous said...

like ,like more than 3 millions is so happy but now why ? what happen ? What you think you are? It's toooooo bad children trash like a shit than crying fault គេថា លេងកុំខឹង ខឹងកុំលេង អាឡប់ ចង់ល្បីវាល្បីហើយតើខាង គេជេរ មេចចង់ដាក់គុកកូនក្មេង ដាក់ឲ្យអស់ទៅ។

Anonymous said...

Cambodia is led by Ah Kwack Hun Sen and Ah Kwen Heng Samrin. That's why it is in trouble.

Anonymous said...

This annimal has a technical speech ,he's bad but point to other side by the justice he should be kill like sadam.