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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Hun Sen warns Facebook users that he’s watching

Hun Sen warns Facebook users that he’s watching
Tue, 29 December 2015 ppp
Pech Sotheary

Hun Sen shows the audience at a press conference in 2010 a phone that he uses to keep track of sports. Yesterday the prime minister warned that he would be keeping track of Facebook users that insult him on social media and said they could face arrest. AFP

“If I want to get you, I need less than seven hours,” he said. “I won’t need to send forces from Phnom Penh; I can also order local forces. You should not use bad words to insult me, because I can get you if I want to.”

Hun Sen

Facebook users who insult Prime Minister Hun Sen or criticise government policy on sensitive issues could be traced in a matter of hours, the premier said yesterday.

“My opponents should not make insults, because we can identify you,” Hun Sen said during a speech at a Phnom Penh graduation ceremony.

“I’m not exactly sure how the technology works . . . But we can find those people; it’s not very difficult.

“We arrested the colour revolutionaries immediately,” he added, in an apparent reference to a first-year university student arrested in August after advocating nonviolent regime change on Facebook.

On December 22, Hun Sen took a softer approach, saying that officials in his office would take a note of all insulting comments posted to his Facebook page, but only so that they could comment in response, rather than blocking users or taking legal action.

But in yesterday’s speech, he went on to warn social media users that they would not be able to hide their identities from the authorities.

“If I want to get you, I need less than seven hours,” he said. “I won’t need to send forces from Phnom Penh; I can also order local forces. You should not use bad words to insult me, because I can get you if I want to.”

“I want you to know that . . . I see what you write and just want to educate you.”

Chak Sopheap, executive director of the Cambodian Center for Human Rights, urged politicians to “teach the people how to use social networks correctly”.

“If [users] are worried about incorrectly sharing information, insulting, being arrested or sharing false information, political parties should teach them how to use [social media] responsibly and safely.”


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Prime minister Hun Sen is not a leader but a cult and a gangster. A leader allows his/her own people critisize and make fun of. His thoughts are full girly man and backward thinking.

Anonymous said...

hun sen if you want people to respect you , you should stop behaving like thug and the gangster in the country. I sure, people will understand and will say lot of good things about you ,and who knows the cpp might just win the next election fair and square.
But I don't think you will ever change, you know why?. I tell you why hun sen. If you wanted to change, you would have changed a long time ago , you wouldn't have let KHmer suffer.That's the reason people have got so angry and there is nothing they can do but to curse and insult you and your party. If you are thug and gangster why not let people call you that, that's what you are.You can't change people's mind set, even if you can stop them from insulting in the social media,but at the next ballot box you can't stop them not voting for you.

Anonymous said...

This Monkey Hun Sen is so proud to be a Yuon's slave for life even though he has a chance and opportunity to free himself from Yuon.

Ah Hun Sen is an asshole.

To make thing worse, some so called Khmer Nationalists such as Ah Lob Mam Sonando, Ah Chkuot Khem Veasna have vehemently admired Ah Kwack Hun Sen for knowing to please his master Yuon by killing Khmer people and stay in power for over 30 years.

Anonymous said...

I'm still amazed at people who post '' thing '' on facebook and think that they can get away with it.... facebook just like other tech companies are partially funded by the CIA... they want back door access to the technology being installed in anything... CIA snoop around not to protect good people...they have not been able to prevent a single terrorist acts , in Paris or in the US--california recently,instead they want to know who is against the gov in control -- . Hun sen is dictator and the CIA will gladly help him.
as the saying goes : if you want to know who rules over you , find out who you can't criticize.