A Change of Guard

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Saturday, 30 May 2015



Anonymous said...

So it means that Khmer got no talent.

Anonymous said...

They are all crap and if they can't produce their music they should not do it for a living. plagiarism has no place in any art shape or form. when someone declares themselves artist they must produce their original works.Well come to think of it, at least they keep people entertained which is not a bad thing. One more thing I feel strongly compelled to say is that please,stop ,stop and stop using love and betrayal in your songs.It is so uninspiring to say the least. There is countless of inspiration in songs that you can put on.Then again what do I know ,you do it because it suits the preferred taste of your audience. Not very arty smart thinking.
Good things take times, hard work and devotion. Instant gratification has no place in art scenes. Remember this when you are artists you are open to criticism.Good luck