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Friday, 27 February 2015

Hun Sen wants a law to prevent post-election boycott [Hun Sen cheating the opposition [CNRP] again]

Give our kids a better deal
PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) -- Prime Minister Hun Sen on Wednesday said he wanted to have a law that stated that any political parties that don't join the first session in the parliament convened by the King after general election, it means that those parties give up their seats. 

His comment came after working groups of Cambodian People's Party (CPP) and Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) plan to meet this Friday to resume election law talks which will be finalized by top leaders of the two parties the following day. 
"I would ask H.E Sar Kheng [Interior Minister] to lead a meeting to ensure that there will not be parliamentary boycott after election, so the election law which will be implemented in the future should state that if elected Members of Parliament of any political parties will not join the session convened by King, their seats will be seized," he said during closing ceremony of the annual meeting of Ministry of Interior. 
"If they don't join [parliamentary session], National Election Committee can share their seats to other political parties. It's easy to finish everything" he said.
He said after working groups' talk, Sar Kheng and Sam Rainsy who are leaders of Members of Parliaments of CPP and CNRP respectively will hold a final meeting.


Anonymous said...

Dear Khmers,

Let's stop wasting our time and resources dealing with Hun Sen.

To solve Khmer problems, prosecute
Hanoi's key leaders.

Anonymous said...

It would be very interesting to see how the NCRP will counter Ah kwak 's proposal of parliamentary boycott. I hope NCRP won't let its supporters down

Anonymous said...

Ah Sen,

That new law should stipulate:

" Chanh Chnot Teat, Anh (Hun Sen) Min Choss Tveu Kdor Ey Anh".

93 Years Old Woman

Anonymous said...


The CNRP must remember that it has already paid the heavy price by joining that National Ass Sembly - the CNRP let the thief loser CPP became the winner officially.

The CNRP must not make any more concession during this process of forming a new NEC that would legalize again this thief CPP's in the next election and overwhelmingly risk alienating Khmer people, especially the CNRP's supporters.

The CNRP's leaders must stand firm on their party's principal.

Notice that Aquino had lost his life during his struggle against the dictator Marcos, and Philippine was not controlled by a foreign country like Cambodia at that time.

Therefore, the CNRP's leaders task is even much bigger than Aquino’s task - against a dictator Hun Sen and the expansionist Yuon.

If the CNRP's leaders were so afraid to die to protect what is right, they should let the party select a new leader who has an exceptional courage to combat this Yuon slave party CPP peacefully and legally.

It is highly likely that after the CPP lost this next election, the CNRP will be facing the same problem - Hun Sen will not step down.

What the CNRP is going to do in that same situation?

That's why it is imperative that the current CNRP's leaders must show their courage to the people and accept the fact that if they don't have the required courage, they should move their position to advisers of the party, and let the party select a new brave leader within the CNRP.

To produce a different output, we must insert a different input – either Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha are ready to sacrifice their lives to protect Cambodia or a new brave leader to lead the CNRP.

Bun Thoeun