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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha on Radio Free Asia សម​ រង្ស៊ី និង កឹម សុខា នៅក្នុងវិទ្យុអាស៊ីសេរី


Anonymous said...

sam raingsy try to lie the supporter actually they want to go in parliament even supporters no agreed.

Anonymous said...

kimsokha still have a dream for cambodian law,before you talk to cpp you have to talk with vietnam first.you are an old politician but every times you talk still like a baby.

Anonymous said...

Begin of Drgunzet's comment.

CNRP is useless. CNRP could have made money by protecting some businessmen then got paid. Look at the news, a business tycoon got shot and murdered at the market. Well, CNRP has no force, no talent, no resource to do anything.

Mr. Hun Sen can give stability and protection to the businessmen in such a violent country. That's why Mr. Hun Sen is rich. He is being rewarded for his effort.

Coward such as Sam Rainsy would ran away like a spoiled brat. Who would trust him for some serious business or protection. Useless loser!

Mr. Hun Sen is trying to bring more jobs into Cambodia under peace and stability. CNRP wants to grab power by disrupting what Mr. Hun Sen cares most, the people and jobs. That's nasty.

This year Cambodian garment export already dropped 5%. I urge Mr. Hun Sen to punish those who were responsible harshly to make an example.

You want to fight the government, go to the National Assembly or Facebook and fight. Do not attack the garment factories.


Anonymous said...

-Drgunzet- is getting worse and worse because he is the worse and terrible Vietnamese poster. LOL

There are good Vietnamese folks who hate this Vietnamese poster "-Drgunzet-."

Just because the millions of peopel around the world know that Vietnam and Vietnamese folks are terrible, that is the truth.

Cambodia people are lucky to have millions of friends around the world who know Cambodian or Khmer people are honest, friendly, gentle and polite, and that Cambodian people are the victims of the Vietnamese or Yuon land encroach and killers of all time.

They know that Khmer Rouges and Pol Pot "Sarlot Sar" alongkwith his inner circles have been accused as SCAPEGOATS as Killers of their Khmer/Cambodian people instead of the secret or hidden Yuon/Vietnamese agents (hiding in Khmer Rouges uniforms) during the Killing Fields from 1975 to 1979.

Why? Because the Hanoi master-minded leaders and their Vietnamese government and illegal Vietnamese/Yuon setters have planned to control Cambodian country easily and took Cambodian properties by controlling Hun Sen (until today) after Khmer hero Mr. Pen Sovan was ousted and sent to Hanoi jail for 10 years. so,the Hanoi master-minded leaders and Ho Chi Minh have planned the secret Yuon/Vietnmese agents to hide in Khmer Rouges uniforms to kill millions of innocent and well-educated Khmer people including innocent children and babies by borrowing the hands of the brainwashed Khmer kids who were captured by the Hanoi masters before and during the American war against the evil Communist Vietcong or Yuon. Those Khmer kids were sent to Hanoi boot camp so that those Khmer kids could be brainwashed and manipulated to be the opportunists just like Hun Sen, Hor Nam Hong (former Khmer Rouges Prison Chief in Boeng Trobak prison), and there there are many other secret Yuon/Vietnamese agents from Hanoi who work side by side with Hun Sen today, etc.

The invasion of Vietcong or Yuon military into Cambodia to oust Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouges soldiers has been a show that Vietcong/Yuon rescued Khmer/Cambodian people, but those Yuon/Vietnamese agents (military) and ho Chi Minh and Hanoi master-minded leaders saw the opportunities in taking Cambodian land after the population of Cambodian people has been smaller.

Also, the invasion of Vietcong or Yuon military into Cambodia was due to the UN intervention and plans to go to Cambodia between 1978 and 1979 after millions of the complaints from Khmer people oversea and friends of different countries in the world. So, this has made the secret Yuon/Vietnamese agents hurried up to go back to the jungle or Vietnam to change from Khmer Rouges uniforms (that they [Vietcong/Yuon] had hidden) to green Vietnamese military uniforms with round hats from Hanoi and then invaded Cambodia to oust Pol Pot and his real nationalist Khmer Rouges soldiers and rescued Cambodian victims in the blind eyes of the world, UN or International Community.

Yes, Vietnamese government leaders, folks and thieves from Hanoi still colonized Cambodia, Cambodian people and land by using Hun Sen as their Yuon/Vietcong puppet to these days.

Khmer Yeurng

Anonymous said...

Begin of Drgunzet's comment.

Read the above comment from Khmer Yeurng. The guy blindly blamed the Vietnamese for the KR genocide.

Let expose the evil Khmer race. Most of the death occurred in the first year, from the arduous journey from the cities to the rural area. Thousand of frail, sick, old, and cripples died on the roads in the first week of year Zero.

Then there was the first anniversary celebration of the Cambodia liberation. KR organized a buffet in the middle of the village. People were starved, hungry for so long, they ate too much and died en mass because of constipation. At least 1 out of 20 people died. My Cambodian coworkers in the labor team told me. They all told me the same stories, and they lived in different part of Cambodia.

I estimated the first year alone, 600,000 to 700,000 people died simply because the mentioned constipation problem and and the sheer fact of city folks were weak, died under bad rural living condition.

When Cambodia finished building the KR Genocide Research Center, I will contribute my knowledge to the center. I hope the center will make sure Khmer race will not commit this genocide act again.

Khmer race is very evil and sick. If you are a smart Khmer, I advice you to hide from your own race and pretend to be another race. It's better for you or you will be killed or shamed by your own kind.

Most Khmer pretend to be Chinese, you know? Read here:

lol...what a sad race.