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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Mr. Ly SreaKheng shows proof of his ownership a disputed land clamed by tycoon Khun Sear who was backed by Hun Sen's in-law លោក លី ស្រ៊ាខេង បង្ហាញឯកសារថាលោកជាម្ចាស់កម្មសិទិ្ធដីដែលមានពម្លោះជាមួយក្រុមហ៊ុនដែលមានតន្លងហ៊ុនសែននៅពីក្រោយខ្នង

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Anonymous said...

No land title. And never mention how sge own it but she just illegally move in .

Anonymous said...

She got the paper which confirmed that the family had lived there since 1982. People who occupied any land or houses since then owned it, like Hun Sen and Chea Sim etc. If they want to take this land from her family, then Hun Sen, Chea Sim and all other CPP officials must return all homes and land they occupied since 1979-1991. Remember, Chea Sim took Son Sann's house and refused to return it to him when Son Sann returned to Cambodia in 1991. Now his son, Son Soubert, is living in Cambodia so Chea Sim must return it to Son Soubert. Hun Sen's house near the Independence Monument belong to someone, so he must return it to the original owner.