A Change of Guard

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Monday, 30 December 2013

The Call for Unity

The case for Unity

The Cambodian clergy are beginning to come into the fore for the first time in over forty years. As a Buddhist civilisation and culture Cambodia is deeply imbued with, and inseparable from, the clergy's benign but pervasive influence through [often] informal dissemination of Buddhist thought [Dharma or Buddhist humanities], Khmer literature, as well as through the taking of avant garde leadership role in terms of instilling a sense of national entity - and in times of being subjected to or experiencing external threats - undertaking the task of spear-heading nationalist cause vis a vis the masses or lay population. Since the overwhelming percentage of the country's population still remains deeply Buddhist in culture and belief [notwithstanding the systematic effort to erase Khmer Buddhism by Communist regimes since 1975 and up to the present time] this re-emergence of the clergy as such and under less than happy circumstances as we speak, sends out two powerful messages and warning signs to ruling authorities: a] that despite systematic campaigns by these authorities to dilute and sterilize it, Khmer Buddhism is well and alive [if not in rude health!], and this is undeniably indicative of the centuries old hold and influence it has stamped upon Cambodian life and character; and b] that the mere fact of their physical presence and participation in the current popular protest speaks volumes of the widespread and deep-seated injustices and social ills that go against the teachings of the Buddha himself. The strength of civil unity needed during this critical hour in the Khmer people's history will be at its greatest attainable when the raw courage and cutting edge spirit of the youths, the moral arrow-heads and humanitarian leadership of the monks, the burning yet organised agitation of the lay population in their irresistible millions, and the unified will and resolve of civil society leaders and politicians will have all merged and coalesced into a single working organism - School of Vice    


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