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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Protest against Tep Vong and Phnom Penh Police Chief Chuon Sovan

To Khmer American in Jacksonville, Florida

Please join the protest against January 7 monk Tep Vong and Phnom Penh Police Chief Chuon Sovan. Please report to US authority in Florida that Chuon Sovan is a criminal with the evidence in Youtube and picture. Please tell protester to consult legal right before using eggs.

Khmer Loves Khmer - Khmer helps Khmer
We together to rescue Cambodia


KI Reader

Friday, November 29th - Sunday, Dec. 1st, 2013 at Khanteyaram Temple (Eastern United Temple Foundation of Jacksonville Inc.)
Address: 4057 Hunt St. Jacksonville, FL 32254.
Contact: Thavy Sam: 904-772-5517.


Anonymous said...

Khmer peoples needs to play smart,
stop play dumb,

as for Khmer, it good for head of monk to go to Jacksonville,FL the foreigner's to recognize Khmer temple.,

also, makes all Khmer peoples are looked good.,

Anonymous said...

Look good for what? Look good for being the world's most scared nation? Huh? Open your freakin eyes and stop thinking about fame because you aren't going to benefit from it.Do you know what he's done? His orders hath a massacre!!! He probably doesn't even know you exist. YOU are dumb for thinking some evil monk will make us look good. Have you forgotten Prampi Makara ? Are you trying to kill your own people? Are you going to let the innocent suffer?