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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

VN inaugurates Cambodia’s largest fertilizer plant

Updated : Wed, December 26, 2012

Prime Minister of Cambodia Hun Sen speaks during the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the Nam Sao Cambodia
Prime Minister of Cambodia Hun Sen speaks during the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the Nam Sao Cambodia international fertilizer plant in Cambodia, December 25, 2012
Photo: VNA

The Nam Sao Cambodia international fertilizer plant, the largest of its kind in Cambodia and a project under cooperation between the country and Vietnam, was Tuesday inaugurated in Somrongthom Commune, Kean Svay District, Preyvan Province, 40 kilometers from the capital city of Phnom Penh.
Prime Minister of Cambodia Hun Sen attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony. The US$65 million plant was invested by the Nam Sao Cambodia Group, a joint venture between Vietnam’s Nam Sao International Corp. and Cambodia’s Investment and Development Corp.

Started to be built in December 2009, the 10.91-hectare plant, deemed as the most modern in Southeast Asia, is capable of producing 300,000 tons of NPK (nitrogen - phosphorus - and potassium) fertilizer a year during its first operation phase, and 500,000 tons in the second phase.

The high-quality NPK produced by Nam Sao Cambodia will meet 50 percent of Cambodian demand, while also providing local farmers with the latest agricultural methods to help them optimize production, the company said.

“The Vietnam-invested projects in Cambodia, including this Nam Sao fertilizer plant, has brought eco-social effectiveness for Cambodia, contributing to its state budget collection, generating jobs, and fortifying the cooperation between the two countries,” Hun Sen remarked at the ceremony.

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