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Sunday, 9 December 2012

University graduates face tight labor market

PHNOM PENH, 8 December 2012 (The Cambodia Herald) - Thousands of young Cambodians graduate from university every year. But how many are landing jobs?

Kun Vicheat, who graduated earlier this year with a major in banking and finance, has been jobless for six months. "I can’t find a job," he told Cambodia Express News, an affiliate of the Cambodia Herald.

In fact, he can but he's picky. "I can find some but they are not for my skills and don't offer a suitable salary. Good jobs for my skills are in the provinces," he said.

"I've sent my CV to many places, but I always fail. I'm now not feeling confident with myself."

Khmer literature graduate Soun Vutha has been seeking a job for five months. "I've been looking day and night but I haven’t found one," he said. "I want to be a Khmer teacher as that's my skill but I always fail, even in private schools, as they demand at least one year experience."

Ros Sokha faces similar problems even though she has two bachelor degrees. "I feel ashamed," she said. "I've sent profiles to many places, hoping to get a good job as I have two degrees. But I got only one call and they offered such a small salary that I couldn’t accept it."

Job agency staffer Soung Sangva Vuthy says it depends on what people study. "Those who graduate without computer or English skills will face problems," he said.

"Most graduate students want a good job without thinking of what they should learn as a first step."

"They should be capable of using English and computers so they can work well after being trained," he said.  "They should not have such high expectations because they have just completed their degrees."

Graduates also need to brush up on their social skills.
"When they go for an interview, it's not like taking an exam. I see some that have very good skills but no social skills," he said.


Anonymous said...

Today Cambodia celebrates the Anti-corruption day, with the presidency of the CZAR OM Yin Teang.

I think the government must begin clean itself first before going farther.

Every body know very we ll that there are many ghost soldiers and policemen. Many businessmen bought the rank of officers and generals to facilitate their business and let the pay to the chief.Many government officials,many parasites ADVISORS get the pay-roll in many different places......

If Om Yin Teang didn't start with the government and the Armed forces no need to combat CORRUPTION

Anonymous said...

Those diplomas are worthless.