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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Corruption: It's Easier Than You Think

(AP Illustration/Shazna Nessa)

WASHINGTON — When I lived in Cambodia, I got into a lot of fights. I’d protest the fruit seller who was overcharging me for mangoes because I was American. I’d wave my hands at the police officer who fined me for driving on the correct side of the road. I’d get angry with doctors at the “free” clinic for charging poor patients for drugs.


Anonymous said...

Good job you should fight the corruption don't let your Cambodians boyfriend talk you out of that.If you don't fight and go along with the corruptors you're corrupted as well,you're quilty as the one over charge you.


Anonymous said...

Kate, your boyfriend has lived under corruption all his life so it becomes normal for him now and he has grown to accept it as the norm. In a corrupt society like Cambodia, where corruption is systematic, the more you fight the more your lose.

I admire your courage for fighting against such an injustice and corruption. You came from a clean society so you can't accept corruption. My hat off to you.