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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Cambodia unveils memorial for slain reporters in 1970-75 war time រំលឹកការ​បាត់បង់​អ្នក​កាសែត​បរទេស

Xinhua | 2012-12-10 
By Agencies

Cambodia on Monday inaugurated a memorial to 37 foreign and Cambodian correspondents and journalists who died or were missing while covering a savage five- year war from 1970 to 1975, a government official said.

They were reporters, photographers and television cameramen from Japan, France, the United States, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, India, Laos, Australia and Cambodia.

Their names were engraved on the stone-made memorial tablet, which was erected in a public park in front of Hotel Le Royal in the west of the capital's Wat Phnom historical site.

Speaking at the memorial inauguration, the Government Spokesman and Minister of Information, Khieu Kanharith said, "The memorial is to commemorate all journalists who were killed during the 5- year war.

"We remember their braveness and sacrifice for the cause of freedom and the cause of the press," he said.

The memorial displayed with the photos of the dead so that their relatives and friends could visit and pay their homage to them, he added.

At least 37 reporters were killed or are listed as missing from the 1970-75 war time, which pitted the US-backed Lon Nol government against the Khmer Rouge.

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Anonymous said...

What's about khmer's soldiers whom perished fought to protected khmer's land from Yuon invaders don't you even care you make them memorial too? Cpp needs to make memorial for all soldiers whom fought all war to protected khmers land whether it from Yuon or siam nor France.