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Friday, 28 September 2012

Cambodian govt 'must push reforms'

The World Bank urged the Cambodian government yesterday to accelerate reforms while taking a participatory approach to its National Strategic Development Plan.

Speaking at a meeting of the Development Partner Coordination Committee, World Bank country director Annette Dixon congratulated the government on its current development plan from 2009 to 2013.

"The country successfully overcame both the 2009 global downturn and the 2011 flood and has managed to sustain high economic growth, reduce poverty and improve critical health and education indicators," she said.

Dixon noted that the government now aims "to build the necessary foundations of a middle income country. The new development plan will "play a key role in building the foundation to meet such a commendable vision," she said, adding that development partners "stand ready to support the government.

Dixon said faster reforms were needed to "provide citizens high quality public service".

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