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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Cambodian court temporarily releases 4 Thai miners charged with illegal entry [They are lucky not to be shot dead like Cambodians border-crossers]

SA KAEO, March 30 – A Cambodian court on Friday temporarily released four Thai miners charged with illegal entry pending a court verdict.

The four are two couples, Saran and Suriya Panphet, both 43, Sa Kaeo natives and the mining contractors, and their assistants, Bai Sodachan and his wife, Ms Wanwisa, both 24.

Cambodian border officials handed over the four to senior Thai officials at the Bantaphraya-Buengtakuan border crossing after they were temporarily released Thursday evening. They were fined Bt1,600 each for leaving the country without permission.

Pol Lt-Col Benchaphon Rodsawat, deputy superintendent of the Sa Kaeo immigration police said the four were released on bail and their Cambodian lawyer is now fighting the case.

The court in Sisophon, the Banteay Meanchet provincial seat, is awaiting relevant documents from their employer before delivering the verdict.

The four Thais were en route to work at a gold mine in Cambodia’s Udon Meechai province and were arrested by Cambodian soldiers on March 23 for illegal entry. (MCOT online news)


Anonymous said...

If khmer people crossing into Thai like this...we will be shot death already! Aleast, khmer has shown a good heart...Not cruelty like Thai black soldiers!!

Anonymous said...

Unlike those bangcock we have a heart thai just want Cambodia land! Omg!