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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Sam Rainsy Party promotes members who refused to defect to CPP

Published: 29-Feb-12

KOMPONG CHAM (Cambodia Herald) – The opposition Sam Rainsy Party has promoted two members from Kompong Cham’s Tbong Kmom district to become provincial board members after they refused to defect to the ruling Cambodian People's Party (CPP), sources said Wednesday.

In a letter to party leader Sam Rainsy, Hor Phalla and Kun Kim Ear said they attended a meeting last week presided over by Chea Sophara, provincial vice chairman of the CPP, and Hun Manith, a son of Prime Minister Hun Sen.

"At the meeting, Chea Sophara asked us to resign from the Sam Rainsy Party before becoming official CPP members, and we were also given $500 each," they said.

At least 17 members of the opposition party in Kompong Cham resigned last week to join the CPP.


Anonymous said...

In democratic countries, buying votes is a
punishable crime, but in Zambodia it is not.
Where does CPP get the money from ?
Oh, I forgot It's from its Masters Yuon. !!!

Anonymous said...

8:15 AM. There you go again blaming the youn. Does blaming the youn leads to anything??

The CPP have now made it legal to buy votes using the democratic principles in the Banana Kingdom. What else can the SRP do? Nothing. Since, according to some its the Youn who are to blame, not NEC, not ACU or not the Election committees or election observers.

Bravo!! Keep blaming the Youn!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it has been the Yuon expanism policy that hunt
us Khmers for more than a century.
As part of their weapons, they use political marriage
to lure ( stupid ) Khmer Kings, and high ranking
officials. They still perpetuate the same practice, in
2012,except they added monies. CPP and its
leaders have been and sold by that money.

Let us wise up and wake up .
Stop the Yuon annexation of our Khmer Nation !!!

A Khmer Patriot

Anonymous said...

10:43 AM. Yes I understand and agrees with you. But is that all you are going to say, its the Youn Master responsibility?

THink deeper, if you want Cambodia to "change", you can blame all these "invincible" youn all you like, you can drink alcohol as much as you like, you can go to sleep hating the youn as much as you like, but think deeper.

What else can and should we Khmer do and understand?

The Answer is in my last comment.

Anonymous said...

To 05:04 pm
At least, we Khmers can do two things now:

1.Help promoting the support and the votes
for SRP. Yes it will take a long time, but the progress and the momentum that matter at this point

2. Help, support , even possibly joint the
Lotus Revolution

If we fail to help, our beloved Khmer Nation
will become the SECOND Kampucha Krom !!!

A Khmer Patriot

Anonymous said...

1 March 2012 12:30 PM. Now that sounds like a logical plan. See, we Khmer can be alot smarter when we stop blaming the Youn for our suffering.

1. SRP are still outlaws, many Khmer still are scared to be approuched by them because of the dictator in power.

2. Lotus Revolution will not happen, because Khmer are poor, uneducated and are scared of dying (2 millions perished just over 30 years ago).

3. CPP will win the election, anti CPP will continue to blame the Youns for taking their land and houses, inflation rises, higher crime rate, more corruption, more murders, more traffic casulty, more 2nd wife for the rich and in power, life goes on.

I like choice 3, because we all know that Khmer will continue to suffer and dies whilst the Vietminhs continues to be in power.

Anonymous said...

05:41 pm You like Choice 3. Whom are you kidding ?
This is a status quo, like just let Yuon and Yuon popets
murder us and steal our lands.Are you Yuon or one of
their cronnies ?
You must fight the Viets and the Khmer Vietminhs
to take back our country.