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Monday, 30 January 2012

Police general accused of beating bank employee in Cambodia

Victim Keang Keatly.

Monsters and critics
Jan 30, 2012,

Phnom Penh (DPA)- An irate police general allegedly beat a bank employee with a mobile phone in Cambodia after the worker refused to cash a cheque, national media reported Monday.

Representatives from Canadia Bank in the western city of Poipet filed a complaint against Major General Sok Lihuoth, accusing him of intentional violence, the Cambodia Daily newspaper reported.

The officer allegedly became enraged after the bank employee had declined his wife's request to cash a cheque worth more than 14,000 dollars on Thursday. The cheque had been made out to him.

Keang Keatly said the officer hit him on the head with a phone and yelled: 'Do you know who I am?'

A bank official said there was video of the incident. A provincial military police commander said the major general had fled.


Anonymous said...

Fry that S.B.O.

Anonymous said...

"Do you know who I am?" I will run away after you filed a complaint against me because I don't belong in the HUN's family.

Anonymous said...

Stop making fun of me!
"Do you know who I am?"

Anonymous said...

$40,000? Wow! Big cheque.

Anonymous said...

CPP the root of all corruption and violence. What will CPP do now, sue the bank employee for defamation and video record of the person without his consent? Fucking CPP.

Anonymous said...

wondering what school the general graduat from?

Anonymous said...

11:57 AM, $14,000, not $40,000 O.K. Anywho, " Do you who I am?" said the general. If I were Keang Keatly, I would say, " Yea.. dumbass, I know who you are, you're that dumbass general who's writing a $14,00 bounce check!!!"

Anonymous said...

Impunity society runs by thugs and cronies, yet people still vote for them!!! Go figure Khmer people.