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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Hun Sen orders TTY to send gunman to court

The guard seen here firing at the villagers from the roof of a bulldozer.

Published: 31-Jan-12

PHNOM PENH (Cambodia Herald) – Prime Minister Hun Sen ordered TTY Co owner Na Marady Tuesday to send a company security guard to court for seriously injuring four villagers in a shooting incident in Snoul district in Kratie province earlier this month and to apologize to local residents at the same time.

“The company knows exactly who the gunman is since he was employed to work for the company,” he said during a road inauguration ceremony in Sen Monorom, adding that police would arrest the company president if he was not handed over.

“I have told the Ministry of Agriculture to examine clearly the impacts on local residents before offering land concessions to the private sector,” Hun Sen added, warning companies that they would lose such concessions if they violated the rights of local residents.

In mid-January, the TTY guard was seen opening fire on about 400 residents of Snoul who were protesting against the company for bulldozing their crops. TTY has a concession for planting rubber trees.


Anonymous said...

Not merely the gunman to be sent to the court, but the company TTY should be sued as well.
Who gave the green light to shoot people?

Anonymous said...

The company and the owner must be punished as well. At least they should be fined and ordered to pay compensation to victims.

Anonymous said...

Dictator Hun Sen, are you still uneducated?

The shooter and the Company, must be punished according to the rules of law. An investigation must be done thoroughly. 400 residents were witness to the shooting, they mus be able to make statements against the companies for their order of brutal violence. OKay, Ah kwak!

Anonymous said...

You must remember that some years ago, one of Na Marady guards CUT 1FINGER of a CHILD who stole a small amount of rubber in his plantation.

I am not against the companies who are investing for the Country development,BUT only against the Maffia company owners such as Keat Kolney,SUY SEM's wife, Na Marady, Yeay Phou, Yeay Phan....