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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Opposition lawyer Choung Chou-Ngy arrested today in Kampong Chhnang

Video of Sam Rainsy Party Lawyer Choung Chou-Ngy being brought to Kandal Provincial Court on 29 Dec 2011 after his arrested in Kampong Chhnang. It is believed that he was later taken to the criminal unity of the Ministry of Interior.

29 December 2011

From reliable source, KI-Media has learned that Lawyer Choung Choungy was arrested this morning in Kampong Chhnang. The dictatorial regime in Phnom Penh is again rearing its ugly commie head by ignoring all the laws in the book. Choung Chou-Ngy was arrested on allegation of illegally freeing a prisoner. Chou-Ngy argued that his client, Meas Peng, was arrested illegally without a warrant and he went to Kandal Prison to inform the prison chief that his client was arrested without a warrant. After he found out that Meas Peng was arrested without a warrant, the prison chief agreed to release him.

Update 1

It has been confirmed: the cops brought Lawyer Choung Choungy to Kandal provincial court. He was taken in through the back door.

Update 2

Kandal Court, half hour outside Phnom Penh city center at approximately 11.45 a.m.-- no Lawyer Choung Chou-Ngy; rumor has it that he was taken to the criminal unit of the ministry of Interior instead.

Update 3

At 2:12 pm. Lawyer Choung Choungy was detained in the Penal Department of the Ministry of Interior.

Kandal – A number of SRP MPs and activists are gathering in front of the Kandal provincial court – the location where Lawyer Choung Chou-ngy was arrested this morning from Kampong Chhnang and brought over here.

According to SRP officials, all SRP MPs and numerous SRP activists hurried to the Kandal provincial court to protest against the arrest of Lawyer Choung Chou-ngy.

កណ្ដាល ៖ តំណាងរាស្ដ្របក្ស ប្រឆាំង និង សមាជិក សមាជិកា មួយចំនួនទៀត បាន នឹងកំពុងប្រមូលផ្ដុំគ្នា នៅមុខសាលាដំបូង ខេត្ដកណ្ដាល ទីដែលលោក មេធាវី ជូង ជូងី ត្រូវបានចាប់ខ្លួនកាលពីព្រឹកមិញ នៅខេត្ដ កំពង់ឆ្នាំង ត្រូវបញ្ជូនទៅកាន់ទីនោះ ។

យោងតាមមន្ដ្រីជាន់ខ្ពស់ គណបក្ស សម រង្ស៊ី បានឱ្យដឹងថា តំណាងរាស្ដ្រគ្រប់រូប និង សមាជិកសមាជិកា គណបក្សប្រឆាំង ជាច្រើន រូបបានប្រញាប់ ប្រញាល់ ធ្វើដំណើរទៅកាន់ សាលាដំបូង ខេត្ដកណ្ដាល ដើម្បីតវ៉ា ចំពោះ ការចាប់ខ្លួនលោកមេធាវី ជូង ជូងី ។

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