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Monday, 21 February 2011

News in Brief: Cambodia hired 3 foreign lawyers to take Preah Vihear case to international court

By Khmerization
Source: Kampuchea Thmey

A senior Cambodian government officials has secretly told Kampuchea Thmey that Cambodia has hired 3 foreign lawyers to prepare a legal case to lodge with the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to ask the court to re-interpret the ICJ's 1962 verdict which adjudicated to give ownership of Preah Vihear temple to Cambodia. The official said that those 3 lawyers are from France, the United Kingdom and Australia.

In another development, there are reports that Thailand had sent 3,000 extra troops to Preah Vihear areas on top of the 15,000 that had been reinforced to the areas during the fighting from 4-7 February. These reports came after there are reports that Cambodian and Thai commander had signed a permanent ceasefire agreement on Saturday, 19th February.

There are also reports that Thai commanders had forbidden the Cambodian side not to repair the Keo Sekha Kirisvarak pagoda after it was significantly damaged by Thai artillery shells during the fighting from 4-7 February after the Cambodian side refused to allow Thailand to re-station Thai troops at the pagoda. Thai troops were stationed at the pagoda for 2 and a half years after they invaded the area on 15th July 2008. Thai troops were only withdrawn from the pagoda on 1st December 2010.

Kampuchea Thmey also reported that cluster bombs fired at Preah Vihear temple by Thai troops during the fighting from 4-7 February have begun to explode sporadically, but did not cause any injuries to Cambodian troops.


Anonymous said...

Thailand must be prosecuted for used cluster bomb against poor country...The United Nation must punish Thailand, this is the LAW!!

Anonymous said...

Take Thailand back to International court of Justice is the best choice! Make sure Thailand paid for all the damaged toward Preah vihear Temple...

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, we don,t even have our own people in the legal profession to articulate any complain or appeal to the International Court, we have to hire foreign lawyers to represent of our interests. Where did all of our lawyers graduated from, and what did they learned in law school. Were any of the international law courses provided in law school. I think we are in trouble.

On the contrary, the Thai play a very much smarter but deadly games on us, even in the reality they are the "Aggressor".

1. They were able to "manufacture" a very convincing facts under the circumstances involving the issues for their interests to the United Nation Security Councils. A win for the Thais.
2. They used their own legal profession teams with expertise of international laws and very articulated in the English language to convince the body members. Another win for the Thais.
3. Now, after they have overwhelmingly reinforced their troops along the border.
They have begun to influence and to invite the world community to their country to assess the minimal damages caused by our Cambodian soldiers to portray Cambodian as a suspect rather than the victim to the world community. Anther win for the Thai.

Even on the contrary, the Thais had caused much worse damages and devastation to our properties and to our people. And this very dangerous for us, Cambodian.

And what do we anticipated for the resolution of the meeting in Indonesia tomorrow on Feb. 22, 2011, the Thais probably know the outcome already and we probably do too. I will not know the potential outcomes from this meeting tomorrow, but i will make a wild prediction that the ASEAN will encourage the two parties to continue talking, so the Thais can continue to destroy Cambodian properties, killing Cambodian people, and invading Cambodian's land. That is my prediction.

Anonymous said...

you look very smart and know a lot you should be pick as one of Cambodian lawyer.

Anonymous said...

4:14 AM, we have Khmer lawyers but it is important to get foreign lawyers because they are internationally well known and have more experiences than Khmer lawyers. In 1962, we hired French and American lawyers too, that's why we won. As far as I know Thailand at that time mainly hired Thai lawyers, not foreign lawyers, that's one of the reasons they lost because Thai lawyers were not as experienced as foreign lawyers.

Anonymous said...


u seem to be an opportunist to take any anction by the govt as a wrong move rather than being genuinely concerned about the case.