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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Shocking video of Cambodia stampede, 380 killed and 755 wounded on bridge

More than 380 people died and 755 wounded in stampede in Cambodia.


Anonymous said...

Share my feeling about Cambodia's stampede:

If we look at outside appearance. We've seen all police, PM or other forces helped the victim...etc We also see phnom penh police chief at tragedy scene. Also our Cambodian prime minister issued condolence statement in early morning.

I blame to police chief or city governor and high ranking officer who responsible to water festival ceremony, they should know how many people can walk on the small bridge in one time.

1) It is Poor design of Koh Pich island should be discuss and debate!

You bring million people go to small island, With only two small bridge to exit (Inbound, Outbound).

2) I looked to the Cambodian TV (Bayon TV, CTN, TVK). I saw PM (police military officer) poured down water to victim. I don't understand why ?
What kind of technique to help people at accident scene like this?
Which school they learnt to help people like that ?

In special tragedy like, it should special commando, helicopter or marine forces come out to help people.

It is very poor rescue team.

3) None of top boss in the country responsible in this job !

I only heard police chief said "it is tragedy .... " his word is fully of not responsible from his job.

4) No compensation for victim family !

I know alot donation is pour in to victim family. I want govt should help victim's family for life.

Remember: Donation can help only one time!

For example: Son or daughter of dead victim can get education for free until finish university or access to health care for free....etc

Khmer in North Bangkok

Anonymous said...

It is very thoughtful comment.I hope the victim familyies would get help from the public organizations or the Hanoi- designed- zombie-government- CCP.

My heartfelt condolences to all the victim families,who lost their love ones.

True Khmer