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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Koh Pich security guard died mysteriously

The body of Tep Virak with swollen belly and (inset) Tep Virak in his security guard uniform.

By Khmerization
Source: CEN

A security guard working at the Koh Pich Bridge on the night of the stampede which killed 347 people has died mysteriously upon returning home 5 days after the stampede.

40 year-old Tep Virak, died at 1 a.m on the morning of Friday 27th when he returned home 5 days after he finished his shift on the night of the stampede. His wife, 30 year-old Oeur Chanthou, said since finishing his shift at Koh Pich on the night of the stampede on Monday the 22nd November, her husband did not return home. He just returned home on Thursday night 26th November, but died mysteriously early Friday morning.

Oeur Chanthou said after finishing his dinner, her husband played with their 23 day-old daughter for a short time and went to sleep. At around midnight, she noticed that he snores so loud, so she woke up and touched his body and felt that his body is very cold. She massaged him for a few minutes and he stopped snoring and stopped breathing. She took him to the hospital, but the doctor told her that her husband had already died.

People are wondering why he was prevented from returning home straight away when he finished his shift on the night of the stampede. With accusations that there might be a cover up of the real cause of the stampede, people are wondering if he was deliberately prevented from leaving the site because he might have some information about the cause of the stampede. Was he poisoned just before he returned home to prevent him from revealing the truth?


Anonymous said...

Was he murdered by poisoning to shut him up from talking the truth about the tragedy? The way he died is mysterious and he was also detained for 5 days before allowing to come home.

Anonymous said...

The problems never end...now even workers are being affected and another child has to grow up father-less.

Anonymous said...

This is how the way Hanoi install government CPP work. We must get rid of this traitors clan,otherwise Cambodia will have to live in the dark,just like in the Khmer Rouge regime.

Our freedom is in their hands.

True Khmer

Anonymous said...

This incident was done by the current government CPP. Right now they try to cover up by killing those security guard employees from leaking informations. These people did not died from natural cause.