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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Who killed movie star Piseth Pilika?

Statement of Heng Pov, Deputy Police Commissioner of Phnom Penh City. Hoc (Hok) Lundy was his boss.

The Death of Movie Star Piseth Pilika (pictured)

In 1999, I was heading the Anti- Crime Bureau as deputy director and was in charge of the investigation of the death of the movie star. I found that before she died, she had an affair with Hoc Lundy. Her husband went overseas frequently, leaving her alone in Cambodia. Hoc Lundy often contacted her and took her to parties and buying her presents etc. In due course, a relationship was developed and she bore a son for Hoc Lundy. Then Hoc Lundy introduced her to Hun Sen. Hun Sen met her. Prior to her meeting Hun Sen, she was not that well off. But afterwards, she made a lot of money. Her bank account in Canada Bank showed a balance of US$30,000 at the time of her death. She was also given a brand new Honda CRV and a villa. She was worried about her safety everyday as Hun Sen's wife found out their secret affairs. Hun Sen's wife blamed Hoc Lundy as he was the matchmaker. Hoc Lundy made peace with her and promised that he would try to separate the movie star from Hun Sen. Soon the movie star was killed. I found out that the killer was one of Hoc Lundy's body guards. I went to question Bon Na and he admitted that he was involved together with Keov Vichet in the killing under the order of Hoc Lundy.

Because the crime involved Hoc Lundy, I could do nothing about it. I made no arrest. I was very upset and there an innocent life killed and I being a police officer could do nothing.

Heng Peov hold position as the chief of Bureau of Anti Narcotic in Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Anonymous said...

Hun Sen and his wife Bun Rany killed her.

Anonymous said...

eventho the story is true but how much could we believe the muderer like heng pov?infact the time he made this statement he was on the run,seeking country to live.

Anonymous said...

bun rany killed her.