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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Vietnamese authority prohibits Khmer farmers from ploughing in their lands near border post No. 270

The spot marked in white is the location of the contentious border post No. 270.

By Khmerization
Source: RFA

Villagers in Chey Chok commune in Borei Cholasa district of Takeo province have told Radio Free Asia on 18th June that Vietnamese authority have prohibited many Khmers families from toiling their fields near the contentious border post No. 270, claimed by villagers and the Cambodian oppositions as being planted deep inside Cambodian territory.

A lady who spoke on condition of anonymity and refused to allow her voice to be broadcast, said the Vietnamese authority strongly warned all Khmer farmers who have farmlands near border post No. 270 not to plough any lands near the border post.

Villagers have asked for the government's intervention through district authority, saying that this is harvest season and they need to harvest their rice to feed their families.

Villagers claimed that border post No. 270 was planted by the Vietnamese authority on 25th May inside their farmlands without their permission.

On 3rd June, a group of 200 people, including 17 MPs from the opposition Sam Rainsy Party, was denied permission and access to visit border post No. 270. And on 14th June, a delegation of Cambodian Watchdog Council led by Mr. Rong Chhun, was also denied access to visit the same border post.

Mr. Rong Chhun, speaking to RFA on 18th June, blamed Mr. Var Kimhong, chief of Cambodian Border Commission, for the land loss and he has called on the Cambodian government to take full responsibility and find a solution for the affected Cambodian farmers. "Mr. Var Kimhong, the chief of Cambodian Border Commission, has always claimed that there was nothing happening. Now, we've seen again that the Vietnamese authority was prohibiting our Khmer farmers from ploughing in their lands and so the (Cambodian authority) must take full responsibility and find a solution for our farmers. If not, they must be responsible in the face of history for ceding (cutting) lands to Vietnam", he said.

Mr. Var Kimhong has said repeatedly that the planting of border No. 270 has not affected any farmers' lands because the area has been surveyed and studied by border technical experts for many, many years before the border post was planted.


Anonymous said...

ah var kim hong is a youn agent

Anonymous said...

Var Kimhong sounds like a Viet agent because he always protect Viet interests by ceding Khmer lands to the Viet.