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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Sam Rainsy in Jakarta to attend international conference

April 11, 2010


Opposition leader Sam Rainsy (pictured) has been in Jakarta since yesterday to attend the Sixth Assembly of the World Movement for Democracy http://www.wmd.org

The Assembly, which brings together some 550 participants of various backgrounds and professions from all over the world from April 11 to 14, has the following objectives:

- providing participants with a forum to exchange practical, hands-on knowledge that they can use in the countries and regions in which they work;

- ensuring that the extent of repression exercised by regimes in closed societies will not pass unnoticed in the international community, and to devise new ways to enhance assistance to those inside those countries;

- directing attention to the needs of democrats in transitional and authoritarian countries;

- encouraging other established democracies, both old and new, to support democracy--promotion efforts; and

- exploring ways in which participants can use new information and communication technologies (ICTs) in their work.

Sam Rainsy, who is travelling with his French passport, has been in touch with the US-based National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI).

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