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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Ho Vann left for America

Mr. Ho Vann talked to the media in front of the National Assembly immediately after his parliamentary immunity was lifted.

Source: everyday.com
Reported by Khmerization

Mr. Ho Vann, an MP from the opposition Sam Rainsy Party (SRP) who was stripped of his parliamentary immunity along with Mrs. Mu Sochua on 22nd June, had left for America on Friday 26th, reports everyday.com.

Everyday.com quoted Mr. Yim Sovan, the SRP spokesman, as saying that Mr. Ho Vann travelled to America to visit family members and to meet with party activists in the United States. Mr. Yim Sovann told the Cambodia Daily that Mr. Ho Vann's trip to the United States was not related to the lifting of his parliamentary immunity.

Mr. Ho Vann was stripped of his parliamentary immunity on Monday 22nd June on charges of defaming 22 military officers when he allegedly criticised their academic qualifications awarded by a Vietnamese military institute. Mrs. Mu Sochua was stripped of her immunity on charges of defaming Prime Minister Hun Sen.

Mr. Yim Sovan said Mr. Ho Vann was on a trip to visit family members and in his capacity as a member of parliament he will not run away from his birth country of Cambodia. However, Mr. Yim Sovann did not say when Mr. Ho Vann will return to Cambodia.

Mr. Ho Vann had left Cambodia for America just one week after he was stripped of his parliamentary immunity. Mrs. Mu Sochua had left Cambodia on the same day when her immunity was lifted but she insisted that it was a pre-planned trip and that she will return to face the charges levelled against her.

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