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Saturday, 11 April 2009

Cambodia to export one million tons of rice to world markets

Cambodian farmers stock their rice ready for export to the outside world.

Cambodia will increase its export by one million tons of rice to world markets in 2009, reports Khmer Sthapana newspaper.

With an increase of one million tons of exports, Cambodia is close to realising its wish of becoming one of the world's leading rice exporters, added the paper.

The paper quoted Prime Minister Hun Sen who stated that Cambodia will increase its exports of rice by more than one million tons in 2009 from the total exports of 2 million tons in 2008.

The paper said that the total rice harvests for 2008-2009 will reach 7 million tons and in 2-3 years Cambodia will have a rice surplus of 3-4 million tons after exports.

Mr. Chan Sarun, Cambodia's Minister of Agriculture, said because Cambodia's rice productions grow at a very impressive speed, by 2015 Cambodia will has the potential to export up to 8 million tons of rice annually.

A large rice stock in Phnom Penh, ready to be sold and exported to world markets.

Dr. Yang Saing Komar, a Cambodian economist, said the reasons Cambodia is able to export a large quantity of rice to world markets because of three factors: First, increased rice productions in Cambodia. Second, increased capability and third, increased efforts and success in finding new markets.

In the past, Cambodia was able to export rice to its neighbouring countries, like Thailand and Vietnam only. Exports to other world markets only happen in a small scale.

Mr. Chan Sophal, president of the Cambodian Economic Association, said Cambodia so far has only 4-5 international standard millers, so Cambodia might not be able to achieve its target of one million tons of exports to world markets which require exported rice to meet international standards.

Mr. Phork Puy, president of the Cambodian Millers Association, concurred Mr. Chan Sophal's assessment because he said that Cambodia lacks international standard millers, unable to secure any world markets yet and lacks good irrigation systems for farmers to farm effectively.

According to the 2008 figures, Thailand is a world leading rice exporter, Vietnam comes in second, India comes in third, the United States in fourth place, Pakistan fifth and China comes in sixth place.

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Anonymous said...

Government should do everything to find new markets for rice exports so our farmers will have markets to sale their rice to. Irrigation system should be built.