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Friday, 25 April 2008

A big thank-you from Cambodia

Apr 24, 2008

Below is a letter that I would like to share with all of you who have generously supported the Muskoka School project.
It is a letter from the Cambodian Landmine Mus­eum and Relief Facility thanking all of you for your contributions and support toward the US$3,620 raised so far.
More funds will have to be raised to build a school for 170 children that is certified by Cambodian Department of Education. Please support this year’s fundraising projects to help us raise more for this educational project for the rural children of northern Cambodia. Details of the project can be found at my blogspot at the bottom of this letter.
A big thanks to all of you.
Lisa McCoy
Cambodia Landmine Museum Relief Fund
Dear Lisa McCoy,
On behalf of the Cambodia Landmine Museum and Relief Facility (CLMMRF), I would like to thank the citizens of Muskoka, Ontario for their contribution of US$3,620 toward the building of a school in the impoverished rural area of northern Cambodia.
The Cambodia Landmine Museum is more than just a museum; it is the home of an incredible family that provides education and support for dozens of at-risk, landmine-affected or disadvantaged children rescued by the CLMMRF NGO. Many children who are part of this family have suffered overwhelming hardships. The facility was created so that it might serve as a place of healing for bodies, hearts and minds. We believe that love, support and education will help secure a better opportunity for the children that live here.
We are also dedicated to aiding the Cambodian people through various community outreach programs. This includes building schools in areas of need. These schools will be constructed according to Cambodian Ministry of Education standards to ensure that schools are supplied with government certified teachers. This will also ensure that grade level certificates received by the children will be recognized by the Cambodian government. The Muskoka School project, built according to these criteria, will be a school of utmost benefit in supplying valued education to the children of Cambodia.
Richard FitoussiInternational project manager

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