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Friday, 29 February 2008

Kayla Paton wins Cambodian trip

A picture of Kayla Paton.

Regular readers of the Yass Trib may remember Kayla Paton as an outstanding hospitality trainee working at “Schonegg” in Murrumbateman, Australia.
She’s in the news again as one of the winners of a trip to Cambodia, where she will both teach and learn elements of cooking.
Kayla was a member of a team of CIT students who competed in the Australia wide “Tasting Australia” Competition held in Adelaide last year. The students had to cook a three course meal for four people and select the wines to accompany the meal. Kayla's team, ACT Northern Districts, won the Gold Medal for Best Region as well as the Gold Medal for Best Desert. The exciting prize was a 12 day visit to Cambodia, where they will be teaching and learning cooking.
(Journey to Cambodia)
As part of their prize the winning team will head to Cambodia on a culinary and cultural tour staying at Raffles Le Royal Hotel in Phnom Penh, with visits to Angkor Wat, spice and food markets, a hospitality school and Khmer cooking class. Kayla is looking forward to her trip to Cambodia, which will probably take place mid-2008. She hasn’t been outside Australia before, so she’s not sure what to expect. However, she hopes to learn more about the country and how the Cambodians prepare and present meals.
The team consisted of: Stuart Walsh, Dean of City Faculty and Tourism and Hotel Management; Fional Mitchell, CIT's head of department; Dammika Hatharasinghe, a pastry teacher at CIT and apprentice Kayla Paton.
(Recipe for a winning meal)
Entree: Sticky braised duck and truffled foie gras pie which was served with Lark Hill's 2003 Exaltation Pinot Noir
Main: Goldenholm biodynamic beef with sweet potato gnocchi and a jus made from Clonakill Shiraz Viognier which as also served with the meal.
Dessert: Study of Apple with Rhubarb and Raspberry served with Lark Hill's 2006 Auslese Riesling
(Making a chef)
Kayla, a former Yass High School student, completed her Certificate 1 in Hospitality there in 2004. She is now in her final year as Apprentice Chef at the CIT, working in the industry at Government House.
She did Hospitality as part of her HSC (Higher School Certifcate) at YHS, completing Certificate 1 and part of Certificate 2 there. After leaving school she was employed at Schnoegg as a trainee and undertook the balance of Certificate 2. When she finished Certificate 2 she then started her apprenticeship as a chef.

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