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Monday, 31 December 2007

Madonna hunt for a girl in Cambodia

Madonna with one of her adopted daughters.

Monday, December 31, 2007


POP queen MADONNA wants to adopt a girl from CAMBODIA, The Sun can reveal.The millionaire singer, 49, and husband GUY RITCHIE, 39, have sent aides to scour the poor Asian country for a new daughter.Madonna chose Cambodia after being impressed by ANGELINA JOLIE’s adoption of Maddox, six, from the country in 2002.She was also frustrated by the red tape involved in her adoption of two-year-old Malawi youngster David Banda. That adoption is still waiting to be formalised. Madonna also has a daughter Lourdes, 11, by fitness trainer Carlos Leon and seven-year-old son Rocco by Guy.Her latest adoption bid comes after a social worker praised her for being a model mum to David.Social welfare officer Simon Chisale said the tot “had bonded well with the Ritchies” and that it will not be “in the best interest of David” to be taken away from his new life.Mr Chisale also witnessed how David enjoyed a happy and relaxed relationship with Madonna and Guy and “enjoyed being cuddled”.His relationship with Guy was particularly noted as being “warm, playful interaction”, whilst Madonna was seen as a “confident and able parent”.His report clears the way for the adoption of David to officially go through possibly by next April.Madonna originally looked at Malawi for a girl. But a pal said: “Malawi is bound up in red tape and she hopes that Cambodia will be easier.”

Source: Ki-Media.

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