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Thursday, 15 November 2007

Prince Thomico: Has He Been Expelled Or Has He Not?

Now he’s expelled, now he’s not: The tale of the flip-flop party and the flip-flop prince

Thursday, November 15, 2007Everyday.com.khTranslated from Khmer by Socheata

On 08 November 2007, the Funcinpec party announced, through its spokesman, the expulsion of Prince Sisowath Thomico from the party after he was accused of insulting the party leadership. However, now it is learnt that the party no longer expels the prince from its rank anymore.The Rasmei Kampuchea newspaper reported in today’s edition that Funcinpec has decided to stop expelling Prince Thomico and it even agreed to let the prince negotiate to seek a resolution for the unification between Funcinpec and the NRP.Rasmei Kampuchea reported that Funcinpec change of position took place during a two-hour meeting between Keo Puth Reasmey, Funcinpec president, and Prince Thomico on 14 November 2007. Prince Thonmico confirmed to the newspaper by phone that he did meet with Keo Puth Reasmey, and that during the meeting, he and Keo Puth Reasmey agreed that Funcinpec must continue its stance of looking for a resolution in order to unite the NRP with Funcinpec.Prince Thomico indicated that Keo Puth Reasmey gave him the green light to work on the unity between Prince Ranariddh and Funcinpec. The prince said that he plans to travel to meet Prince Ranariddh overseas also, should Prince Ranariddh allow him to meet.During the meeting between Keo Puth Reasmey and Thomico, Keo Puth Reasmey told the prince that he did not sign the letter to expel the prince from Funcinpec yet, therefore, Thomico is still a Funcinpec party member.On his end, Muth Chantha, NRP spokesman, told the Rasmei Kampuchea newspaper that the issue with Funcinpec was ended long ago. The current position adopted by Prince Ranariddh is to have all his party members put their efforts to work (for the party). Prince Ranariddh considers that negotiations with Funcinpec lead to an unclear situation for the party members. Prince Ranariddh wants party members to know that the NRP has a clear position.

source: Ki-Media

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