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Monday, 25 July 2016

Hun Sen tried to split CNRP: Rainsy

Kem Sokha and Sam Rainsy attend a meeting at the National Assembly in Phnom Penh last year.
Kem Sokha and Sam Rainsy attend a meeting at the National Assembly in Phnom Penh last year. Vireak Mai

Hun Sen tried to split CNRP: Rainsy
Mon, 25 July 2016 ppp
Meas Sokchea and Erin Handley

Opposition leader-in-exile Sam Rainsy took to the airwaves over the weekend to detail what he said was Prime Minister Hun Sen’s direct involvement in attempts to split the CNRP.

In an interview with Radio Free Asia aired on Saturday, Rainsy said that the premier had at various points courted both himself and his deputy, Kem Sokha.

“In 2015, Mr Hun Sen – I refer to him by name – he came to talk with me saying . . . ‘Both of us can work together, but I do not want to work with [Sokha]’,” Rainsy said.

“If I gave up Kem Sokha, then I would be comfortable; I would have everything I want.”

Reached yesterday, Rainsy said that when he refused to split his party, the premier made similar overtures to Sokha, who likewise refused.

Both have since been threatened with legal action, forcing Rainsy to flee the country and leaving Sokha bunkered down at the CNRP headquarters, where he has lived for the past two months to avoid arrest in relation to cases stemming from recorded conversations with his purported mistress.

The CNRP was formed in 2012 by a merger of Rainsy’s Sam Rainsy Party and Sokha’s Human Rights Party. However, it has sometimes been an uneasy alliance, observers have noted.

While the CNRP and its leaders have in the past accused the ruling party of trying to exploit divisions within the party, it is the first time Rainsy has directly implicated Hun Sen.

But Cambodian People’s Party spokesman Sok Eysan said Rainsy’s suggestion that the premier was behind a plot to divide and conquer the opposition was a fabrication.

“[Hun Sen] has never spoken untruthfully. He says ‘one is one’ and ‘two is two’, not like Sam Rainsy,” Eysan said. “[Rainsy] is good at creating stories. He wants to highlight himself and put blame on others. His political behaviour is a flip-flop.”

Political analyst Ou Virak questioned whether this latest episode in politicking would have any impact on the Cambodian people.

“The population is numb and, in a way, frustrated with the political class and the political elite,” he said.

“There are signs that people are listening less to politics on both sides and more to people like Kem Ley. That’s why the funeral [yesterday] was sending a strong message that people are not happy with the political class.”


Anonymous said...

Only Ah Kouk Hun Sen and the CPP knew EXACTLY how many votes (seats) the CPP got in the 2013 election. In fact, the CNRP had won the 2013 election by a landslide.

The result of the 2013 election made the CPP and Yuon so nervous about the 2018 election. Therefore, the CPP and Yuon need to disrupt and destroy the CNRP.
In addition, the CPP had launched its puppet parties led by Mam Sonando, Khem Veasna, etc...to attack incessantly the CNRP.

Regarding the CPP's accusation that Sam Rainy had exhorted the EU to boycott the import from Cambodia, the CNRP should counter the CPP's attack by WIDELY disseminating, translating Sam Rainsy's speech and clearly explaining the content of that speech word by word to prove to Khmer people especially to the garment workers that the information that they had received was not true.

Bun Thoeun

Anonymous said...

Ou Virak,

Hun Sen is evil, and Sam Rainsy is not.
You must know the difference at least.

The late Dr.Kem Ley spoke the thuth.
Are YOU now scared of Hun Sen ?

Anonymous said...

Many people knew all along. Nothing new!
The crucial question for CNRP is that How to come out to win 2017 and 2018 since its two leaders are one in exile and one in office-arrest?

I don't see any prospect of winning. Maintaining the same numbers of seats are considered very lucky.

Anonymous said...


With or without the election, or the election result win or lose declared by Hun Sen, the change of power will take place.
Should Hun Sen use force and violence, millions of Kem Ley's will be ready.
The Kem Ley's millions across the country will evoke the help of and from the signatories of
the Paris Peace Accords.

Anonymous said...

Discrediting the good by lumping them with the Devil as a "class" has been this "analyst"'s favourite game.