A Change of Guard

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Wednesday, 20 April 2016



Anonymous said...

Why do they even bother to have this forum to discus the human rights abuses. what really pisses of is mr ros ravuth replies to a caller that if your rights are abused you can vote them in the next election and that's why we have election.so if your political rights are abused, you have to wait for five years to vote them out of power?
Now this person either a cpp leaning prick or naive or lazy asshole without sound political knowledge or situations in cambodia.

Anonymous said...

Dear All,

There is a traffic light at the intersection. When motorists don't obey the stop light, the police is there to enforce the laws.

Likewise, there are laws in the books, the police (Hun Sen 's regime ) not only fails to obey, but abuses the laws.
That's what happens when a country's leader is not elected by its own people, but SELECTED by its traditional enemy.

After winning the 2018 election, the leaders of the CNRP MUST have a Plan B ready to execute.

Anonymous said...


We hope the winner has a plan B.