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Friday, 21 December 2012

Phnom Penh reaches also the two-million passengers’ mark

By Luc Citrinot 
21 December 2012, 
Phnom Penh International Airport hits the two million passengers’ mark on December 20, a first for the Cambodian air gateway. 

PHNOM PENH-  On December 20, Phnom Penh International Airport achieved a new milestone by breaking the 2 million passenger mark a year for the first time of its history. The figure is obtained by tallying all international and domestic passengers arriving to and departing from Phnom Penh International Airport since the beginning of this year.

This achievement reflects the airport’s passenger traffic momentum which should report a 12% growth on a year-on-year basis. Compared to the previous year 2011, aircraft movements and freight traffic are expected to increase by 5% and 49% respectively.

Positive performances recorded at Phnom Penh International Airport are sustained by Cambodia’s tourism and business attractiveness and the economic dynamism of the region. The airport has a well-balanced traffic mix between tourists and business travelers.

Gilles Tellier, Phnom Penh Airport Manager, said: “We are now within the two- million passengers’ airport league. That comes after the smooth handling of the VVIPs flights during the Asean Summit last November. Both events are testament to the contribution of airports to the development of the country and to the raising of the Kingdom’s profile.”

To accommodate the steady passenger increase, Cambodia Airports is launching in early 2013 an upgrading program to double the capacity of Phnom Penh airport to a capacity of five million passengers. The works are slated for completion by the beginning of 2015.

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