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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Thailand’s Dishonesty

Op-Ed by Khmerization
29th March, 2011

Thailand has shown its true colours when it dishonoured its agreement with Cambodia and the other eight Asean foreign ministers to allow the deployments of Indonesian observers to the Khmer-Thai disputed border and refused to the attend the meeting with Cambodia it had agreed earlier. Thailand’s action in dishonouring this agreement has reinforced Cambodia’s claims of Thailand’s insincerity and had strengthened Cambodia’s insistence on multilateral engagements instead of the fruitless bilateral talks in the past three years.

Cambodia has suspended all bilateral talks with Thailand and has since insisted on multilateral talks due to its claims of Thailand’s insincerity and dishonesty after Thailand refused to implement the three agreements reached with Cambodia during the course of nearly three years of bilateral talks. Now, Thailand is being dishonest with Asean by turning around and rejecting the deployment of the Indonesian observers after it had agreed in front of the 10 Asean foreign ministers during the meeting on 22nd February 2011 to accept such deployment.

Thailand is bluffing Asean and the UN Security Council (UNSC) by dishonouring such much-anticipated agreement. Thailand, for its own honour and reputation, must not act so childish and irresponsibly. This shows that, if Thailand is not afraid to dishonour its agreement with Asean and the UNSC, then it is clear that Thailand will have no hesitation of dishonouring its agreement with Cambodia. With this in mind, and for this reason alone, Cambodia is right in rejecting all bilateral talks with Thailand by insisting on multilateral engagements in all future talks.

It is also dishonest of Thailand to reject the deployments of Indonesian observers after it signed an agreement in front of the 10 Asean foreign ministers to allow such deployments. This kind of back-flip can only be described as insincere and dishonest.

Thailand has been insisting on bilateral talks with Cambodia as it hopes to grandstand and manhandle Cambodia in the talks. Cambodia wants multilateral talks because it has consistently claimed that it had been intimidated and manhandled by Thailand and because of Thailand’s stand over tactics and dishonesty in not implementing the agreements reached during the course of the negotiations in the past three years.

Thailand’s latest insincerity and dishonesty in refusing to attend the Bogor meeting and in rejecting the deployment of Indonesian observers have proved that Thailand cant’ be trusted and that multilateral talks to the Khmer-Thai border conflict are needed.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

dear Op-Ed by Khmerization
is not just today it have been a few centuries so far thailand is dishonesty and devious is in theirs DNS the only option cambodia should do go to the next gear .
secondly cambodia should implement the military buy 150 units of chinese PHL-03 fourth generation to strengthen the military raise the underarms men to 250,000 .
thailand not respect the treaty thailand only respect the barrel of guns.

Anonymous said...

1:19pm, I agree with you 100%. I really don't want war. We have been at peace since 1997(relatively speaking), and I really don't want war. However, when we deal with Siem, it's an eye for an eye. As a famous American President once said, "walk softly but carry a big stick." We need long range missile defense systems and fighter jet squadrons with at least 10 mig-21/27s with the latest technology. I guarrantee Siem will not act this way again. We've learn our lessons from our historical enemies. Now it's time to act tough and not get intimidate by thugs.

Anonymous said...

A leopard can't change his spots. We can't talk peace with Siem. When we are militarily strong, there'll be no barks from big dogs.

Anonymous said...

Fucking Siam flip flop like a retard.

Anonymous said...

Thai said Cambodia can bilateral talks with Vietnam and let Vietnam take some of Cambodian land and didn't said anything and Thai want a little just 4.6 kilomete square
why make big deal from that.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is dishonest for Thailand to agree with Asean, UN and Cambodia and then changed its mind. Yes, Thailand has shown its true colors that it is a nation of dishonesty! Cambodia should never trust Thailand again. Take the case to international court.

WesternObserver said...

Thank you Khmerization for reporting the truth. I also notice all Thai news media downplay the meeting in Jarkarta as "informal" . The fact was the meeting held by ASEAN Chairman Marty Natalegawa after the issue was brought to the UNSC in New York. Why would anybody wasting time on "informal" meetings!! The world knows Thai has no basis to claim the land entrance to Cambodia's Preah Vihear temple from Cambodia side. Based on the international recognized map on record, the land clearly belongs to Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

I urge Cambodia to be firm by insisting on regionalization and internationalization of the Cambodia-Thai conflict. Bilateral talks did not yield any results. And like the article said, if Thailand is not afraid to dishonor its agreements with Asean and UN, then it would not hesitate to dishonor any agreements with Cambodia. Stop bilateral talks with Thailand and take the case to international court.