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Monday, 31 May 2010

Cambodian-flagged vessel detained for illegal fishing in Russia's Far East

Cambodian-flagged vessel detained for illegal fishing in Russia's Far East

An investigation has been launched after Sakhalin border guards have detained a vessel carrying over seven metric tons of illegally caught live crab in Russia's Far Eastern economic zone, a spokesman for the local customs service said.

Yury Gurshal said Cambodian-flagged the Koska-8 fishing vessel with Russian crew and over seven tons of live crab was detained on May 29.

He said the captain did not have any documents permitting fishing and the vessel was escorted to the port of Nevelsk for investigation.

Russia banned exports of live crab in May 2007, but large volumes are still smuggled out of the country, primarily to Japan and South Korea.


Anonymous said...

How stupid is that? A Cambodian fishing vessels in Russian water? Does Cambodian fishing industry have such ship capable of going into Russian water to illegal catch crabs?

Anonymous said...

It is not a Cambodian boat, but a foreign-owned boat that fly Cambodian flag because it was registered in Cambodia. Many old and rundown boats/vessels/ships were registered in Cambodia because the Cambodian Maritime officials are so corrupt that they will register any vessels whose owners paid them a lot of bribery. These sorts of boats can't get registration anywhere in the world because they follow strict international maritime laws and rules. Cambodian officials will register any boats/vessels whose owners paid them a good bribe.