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Thursday, 29 April 2010

The auction of a perfect Khmer woman

By Khmerization
Source: Koh Santepheap

Special News for the new decade: Auction of “Srey Krup Leak” (the perfect woman) by name of Miss Nuon Neang Lom-orng. And starting price is.....from $1 million.

A Cambodian lady has put her beautiful daughter, "Srey Kroup Leak", or a perfect woman on auction to become a wife of a well to do man, reports Koh Santepheap.

The report said Chumteav [Lady] Nuon Voraneath has decided to auction her daughter named Nuon Neang Lom-orng, to the highest bidder, with the starting price of $1 million, after two many men had made marriage proposals to her daughter. In Cambodia, by traditions and practices, the family of a beautiful girl who has all the characteristics as a perfect woman [Srey Kroup Leak] often ask for a very high payments in a wedding dowry.

Miss Nuon Neang Lom-orng, who is a typical beautiful Khmer woman, comes from a well to do family. She is described as having the quality of a perfect modern household wife with high knowledge, having completed her study abroad, is highly knowledgeable about art, music, classical songs and she was born into a highly honorable family. She received a lot of marriage proposals from all sources, and as a result Chumteav Nuon Voraneath, her mother, was having difficulties making the decision as to which man she should hand over her daughter to be his wife. Therefore, she has decided to auction off her daughter with the aim of using 50% of the auction proceed to donate to an orphanage and old people foundations in Cambodia.

Condition for the auction:

The bidder must have a status as an aristocrat [a person from hanourable family], have a good standing and good name in the society, still single (not married yet or widowed) and must take her as his single top wife.

The auction price starts at $1 million. For detailed information, contact phone number: 012 802 718, or email: sambath_art@yahoo.com

Note: This could be just a film script as the postscript of the article says "A film script".
Apology: Koh Santepheap has just published an apology for not making clear about the article which has created a misunderstanding and confusion among readers. In fact the above article is just a film script. Khmerization would also like to offer an unreserved apology to all readers for not checking the veracity of the article. In fact, as an unpaid freelancer and without resources, Khmerization couldn't possibly check the genuineness of the article. My unreserved apology.


Anonymous said...

I don't have a million dollars and I would like to offer my option of de-mining 200 landmines for the right to marry her. I'm single, never married and a man of single hearted against fornication.

The price of true love is to give up one's life for the other, it can never be purchase with money. Money can destroy relationships and blind the mind.

Anonymous said...

she's not worth .50¢. and not the type of wife I want to marry with. Just look at her face and neck...she's not virgin...look again and again there is a sign every woman give out once lost virginity. On her neck and around her throat.

Anonymous said...

This is greed eating away honor and dignity. It seems like Chumtet Noun Voraneath is all about money. Does $1 million dollars really bring her and her daughter happiness? What a shame.

Anonymous said...

9:58 AM, it is a good offer for the benefit of all mankind. Demining 200 landmines can save many life. Love should not be for money, as the saying goes "money can't buy love". People have to remember that in Cambodia, men with plenty of money normally sleep around with as many women as he wants. If Lom-orng's mother think she can find a perfect husband for her daughter by offering her to highest bidder, she is totally wrong. Men with plenty of money, especially in Cambodia, will try to sleep with as many young, virgin and beautiful women as he possibly can.

Anonymous said...

The photograph is fake is there is too much ornaments covering the person.

The girl might be so ugly without all the ornaments covering herself.

Anonymous said...

Damn...10:30AM, you have to be gay to think she's not beautiful. She almost perfect..man. If I had a wife like that, we'll making so many babies. What's on your" my dream wife" checklists?

Anonymous said...

All of us are born with intrinsic value. Whether you are a good person or a not so bad of a person. Or the worst of sinners like those Khmer Rouge leaders. It's the world view and the choices that will add or take away that intrinsic value that every person is born with.

The price of a good wife is above rubies. The responsibility of the lucky guy that marry's her is to continually working on polishing her with the gentleness of a fine sand paper. A good wife is a crown to her husband, by shaming her you will diminish her glory on your crown.

There, advice from a bachelor.

Anonymous said...

The mother only wants the money. In cambodia poor families sell their daughters as virgins for money or force them into prostitution.
Only this one is MUCH MORE GREEDIER!

Anonymous said...

This is really kind of human trafficking just only in different picture. I think the government must take actions on this illegality.

Anonymous said...

Luckily that it just a joke..

Anonymous said...

It is not a joke.
They said clearly that if s.o wanna bid on her, unless that person is that rich. In additional they have left phone contact and e-mail address. how to say a joke? what is Cambodian Women? so why Women related ORG ignored for this article, they should take action actually.

Anonymous said...

Early this morning I had a dream. I dreamed that my mini van was stolen. The van was park in sight of me at my work, but I left the key in the van and still running. I tried to get help about getting the stolen vehicle back but having a hard time understanding the police officer's name.

When I woke up, I thought about this ad and that it maybe be a BIG con artist attempting to steal money from the rich over seas or wherever. This maybe a SCAM set up as legit proposal.

Anonymous said...

Money cannot buy love, but money can buy sex. When the girl's mother offer her daughter to a higher bid, she lower the value of Khmer women. I am sorry, it sounds so cheap and sleazy.