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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Punchbowl couple prepare for their Cambodian-Chinese-Australian wedding

Punchbowl couple prepare for their Cambodian-Chinese-Australian wedding

Love test: Moly Kim and Grant Lee are preparing for three weddings. Picture: MAT SULLIVAN

ONE couple, three weddings in three weeks and the first two ceremonies can’t proceed unless the bridegroom gets the nod from the bride’s parents and bridesmaids.

Welcome to the big fat Cambodian-Chinese-Australian wedding of Moly Kim and Grant Lee. And spare a thought for the groom - haircuts by monks, bribery, singing and dancing and playing games, are just some things Mr Lee will need do to prove his unconditional love for his future wife.

The Punchbowl couple plan to marry on December 20, when Miss Kim and Mr Lee will celebrate two weddings - a traditional Chinese ceremony followed by a Cambodian ceremony.

While both weddings are spiritual events, the couple will legally tie the knot at an Anglican church in Strathfield on January 9.

As part of the Chinese ceremony, the groom and his family, who were born and raised in Australia, will have to bargain with and bribe Miss Kim’s family by bringing gifts, money and food to their house.

If her family give them the green light, Mr Lee will then have to prove his love by doing whatever her bridesmaids ask of him.

“It’s going to be really daunting and a big culture shock. I know they’re going to embarrass me but I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do,” Mr Lee said.

“They’ll either make me sing songs, get me to do something ridiculous, play games or ask me to give them money, so I need to sit down with my best man and explain to him what we’re in for.”

The couple will spend time paying their respects to Ms Kim’s ancestors before receiving blessings from her side of the family.

They will then change into their Cambodian wedding outfits and receive blessings from seven monks, who will symbolically cut their hair to prepare them for life as a married couple.

Miss Kim said she wanted to have traditional Chinese and Cambodian ceremonies out of respect for her parents.

“My parents couldn’t afford a traditional wedding because they got married during the Pol Pot war, so they really wanted me to integrate all the traditions in mine,” she said. “Out of respect for Grant’s family we decided to get married in the church of their choice.”


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