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Saturday, 26 July 2008

Thailand Has Shown Its True Color

Written by Mediawatch

Thailand as in geographic and population size-wise is much lager and most populated than its friendly neighbour - Cambodia - Total area of: 514,000 sq km, land: 511,770 sq km, water: 2,230 sq km; with a population of 65,493,298 people comparing to Cambodia's total area of: 181,040 sq km, land: 176,520 sq km, water: 4,520 sq km and population of just14,241,640; respectively.

Thailand domestic political affairs was once again at the blink of seeing the repetition of another potential coup d'etat, when tanks and black uniformed arm force were stationed and occupied all main streets leading to the Government House; some 2 years ago during the overthrown of democratic elected government of Thaksin Sinawatra, if they failed to act swiftly to the demand of PAD [People Allied for Democracy].

The current administration in Thailand has been losing its momentum and forced to a corner by compromising its stance and realistic approaches [domestic and international policy's approach] when PAD took on the street and demanded a swift action over the allegation that its current administration assisted Cambodia to enlist the temple and giving away the so called land in the disputed area where are yet to finalized and demarcated or otherwise would be facing the same fate as the Thaksin's administration.

By rather than looking into an applicable and constructive solution to its domestic political affairs, and to have the border issues solved diplomatically through round table talk and negotiation, the current administration has turned its back and acted contrarily to the join communique [sign by both countries] and since then the departure of its Foreign Minister was inevitable .

On 15 July 2008, Thailand and its current administration have decided to flex its military mights and muscles by sending troops and hardware to the Cambodia -Thai border where the 900 years old Cambodia owned Preah Vihear Temple is standing proud and has been enlisted as world heritage site, and since then the numbers of troops has been doubling by both sides.

Thailand is one of the well-equipped military nation amongst the ASEAN members' nation [is said to acquired a naval carrier some 10 years ago], has finally shown its true color.

It is sad but true!

This action [decision by the current administration in Thailand to flex its military mights and muscles] is purely a form of intimidation and dire-straight warning to its friendly neighbor - Cambodia.

Cambodia may not have such a modernized military mights and muscles, Cambodia population is smaller, however should the war is inevitable, Cambodia and its people will stand up to the aggression - should a soldier down then 2 civilians will stand up and take the place of its comrade.

If it is really the best solution for Thailand, and its administration is thinking that this is the right method to intimidate and oppress Cambodia, I strongly believed that Cambodia and its people have to and can live with it. But so far, it has been proven that Thailand and its people cannot live the truth that Preah Vihear Temple is rightfully belonged to Cambodia.

We will not make the first move, but will of course retaliate should attacked, however our goal is to find a peaceful solution to the problem, we will seek every possible way and through diplomatic channel within the ASEAN, those friendly nations, the UNSC or ICJ to settle the issue one for the last time and for the historical record.

I personally would urge the Thai administration and its people to have a peaceful solution by engaging on all honest and opened dilogues in the best interests of both nations and to evert any imminent war.


Anonymous said...

While I accept your point that internal political considerations on the Thai side is responsible for magnifying and exacerbating the disagreement over Preah Vihear, could not the same be said of Cambodia?

Mediawatch-Newstopia said...

Thanks for the posting.
Have a wonderful day