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Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Hun Sen Re-Affirms Support for the Monarchy

Hun Sen: I will own the king but I will disown my daughter!

By Leang Delux
Cambodge Soir
Translated from French by Luc Sâr

In a speech held in front of students, the prime minister, after addressing his wishes to King Sihamoni and to King-Father Norodom Sihanouk, underscored the advantages of the constitutional monarchy in Cambodia.

At a speech given during the handing of diplomas to students on Tuesday 30 October, Prime minister Hun Sen underscored the need of the monarchy for Cambodia, and he reminded his listeners about the 1970 coup d’état led by Lon Nol which abolished the monarchy. Hun Sen affirmed that the rebirth of the constitutional monarchy in 1993, was a pledge for a good management of the country because it avoids political crises between the head of state and the government.

“In Cambodia, the King remains above the political parties as a head of state. He is thus not involved in political conflicts. This point is very important. Article 9 of the Constitution stipulates that the king assumes the role of arbitrator to ensure the faithful execution of public powers,” Hun Sen explained.

To Hun Sen, in countries where the president comes from one political party, and the prime minister comes from a different party, these countries are not easy to govern. “In Poland, this (situation) is starting up. In France, Mitterand came from the Socialist Party and Chirac came from the rightwing party, the Rally for the Republic (RPR). And, when Jacques Chirac became president, Lionel Jospin, the Socialist Party leader became prime minister. I was not easy for them. And this situation was not good for their country.”

Source: KI Media

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