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Sunday, 22 May 2016

MH17 crash: Victims' families sue Putin and Russia

MH17 crash: Victims' families sue Putin and Russia

  • 3 hours ago
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The wreckage of flight MH17, shot down over eastern Ukraine in 2014Image copyrightREUTERS
Image captionThere were 298 passengers and crew on the board when it was struck by a missile
Families of victims of downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 are suing Russia and its President Vladimir Putin in the European Court of Human Rights.
The jet was shot down by a Russian-made missile over eastern Ukraine in 2014, killing all 298 on board.
The West and Ukraine say Russian-backed rebels were responsible but Russia accuses Ukrainian forces.
The families' claim is based on the violation of a passenger's right to life, News.com.au reported.
The claim is for 10 million Australian dollars ($7.2m; £4.9m) for each victim, and the lawsuit names both the Russian state and its president as respondents.
Jerry Skinner, a US-based aviation lawyer leading the case, told News.com.au it was difficult for the families to live with, knowing it was "a crime".
"The Russians don't have any facts for blaming Ukraine, We have facts, photographs, memorandums, tonnes of stuff."
Mr Skinner said they were waiting to hear from the ECHR whether the case had been accepted.
The Kremlin said it was unaware of the claim, the Interfax news agency reported, but a senator with Mr Putin's party is quoted in state media as saying it was "legally nonsensical and has no chance".
MH17 route
There are 33 next-of-kin named in the application, the Sydney Morning Herald reported - eight from Australia, one from New Zealand with the rest from Malaysia.

Sydney-based law firm LHD Lawyers is filing the case on behalf of their families.
Flight MH17 crashed at the height of the conflict between Ukrainian government troops and pro-Russian separatists.

A Dutch report last year concluded it was downed by a Russian-made Buk missile, but did not say who fired it.
Most of the victims were Dutch and a separate criminal investigation is still under way.

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Anonymous said...

from what i read many articles all pointed out that the evidences against russia were all fabricated by CIA/FBI because russia was against the taking over of Ukraine by the neocons khazarians owner of world central banks [ victoria nuland organized the whole thing and even had already picked the prime minister ready to be installed as puppet -- the guy ''Yatsenyuk '' who did not waste time flying to DC to kiss up to his boss arses after in power ] and russia supported and ''annexed'' Crimea which PEOPLE VOTED to join russia against the wished of the neocons... Right after the fall of ukraine , there was picture of a plane landing at night at airport of Ukraine and speculation was that the Khazarians had come for Ukraine central bank gold which was later confirmed by ukraine gov official that Ukraine has no gold left in their bank -- but they would not say who has it.. same with lybia's story , leaked documents from hillary had shown that they came for Gaddafi's gold stored in his central bank -- which was not owned by the khazarian mafia... when cambodia central bank accumulated plenty of gold that they want, they will come too maybe Hun sen will still be in power then and it will be the perfect excuse for them ; they are doing it in the name of democracy and human rights , but until there is enough gold in the bank , khmers , you are on your own.. of course we will pretend to care by holding meaningless meetings to condemn the dictator's action but we will continue to shake his hands and make deals....