A Change of Guard

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Saturday, 21 May 2016

លោក ទៀ បាញ់ តែងតែដាស់តឿនដល់កងទ័ពរាល់តែឆ្នាំ...

លោក ទៀ បាញ់ តែងតែដាស់តឿនដល់កងទ័ពរាល់តែឆ្នាំ ហើយទ្រឹស្ដីរបស់គាត់ គឺដដែលៗ ។ - ILCHN

According to one historical account, Tea Banh was actively sought out by the invading Vietnamese forces' hierarchy in the wake of Pol Pot's fall. Banh was believed to be taking refuge somewhere just over the Cambodian-Thai border on the Thai side during much of the period of Democratic Kampuchea's short-lived, but violent rule, and the fact that the Vietnamese had even known of his identity and relevance to them would suggest that they indeed had a clear and well established military and inside intelligence within the regime that they had initially given birth to, which however, had subsequently opted to part company with Hanoi and to ally with China instead. 

From this snap shot of Banh's background alone it is reasonable to assume that, unlike most of other former KR defectors now fronting the current CPP regime, including [the late] Chea Sim, Hun Sen, Heng Samrin [all came from DK's designated Eastern Zone, as well as a group of the so-called 'Khmer-Vietminhs', previously exiled in Vietnam with Pen Sovan among its best known name, who had now returned to the country of their birth, Banh's apparent, deep-rooted loyalty and value to the Vietnamese at the time [1979] or since would serve to strengthen the suspicion and argument of those who feel that Hanoi had maintained more than mere passing interest in the KR as its former sister movement and protégé

It is also interesting to hear Banh recently made reference to Vietnam as representing an 'obstacle' to the Cambodian opposition's perceived attempt to overthrow the current Phnom Penh regime. Given that this same opposition possesses no armed forces or tanks to defeat the military under Banh's command, he and the CPP leaders might be looking at a scenario where a popular mass protest, possibly backed by splits and defections from within his own CPP's ranks, will have yet again been put down by military intervention from across the border to the east? - School of Vice    


Anonymous said...

Without the Puppeteer Hanoi, the Puppet Hun cannot move.
The Khmer people can kill two birds with one stone, the 1991 Peace Accords.

Anonymous said...

No peace for the Khmer people and the Khmer Nation, until and unless
Hanoi is pursued, penalized and punished.

Anonymous said...

Yuon cancer is incurable and terminal.
It MUST be cut off !!!

Anonymous said...

Sam raincy claimed himself a decmocracy fighters.Rights, have you ever heard he talks about how democracy works?,,, has he talks about check and balance,,,? How many Khmer people understand the real democracy or check and balance,,

, kem sokha himself do not understand check and balance yet,,, both of you guy critics curse and strikes each other very hards ,,,,, never teach people the rights things,,,,

Look idiot If Obama be a president in Cambodia he can't do much change because people are ignorance ,,, you can't have democracy with bushma,,,rights, isn't it's clear, and you clearly understand now kem sokha and raincy are a biggest cheaters and madnesses crook in srok Khmer aren't they,,, how much you lose money times and energy to help a crook??? ,, mike it's time to crash a crook. Remember if they lie you one is thier misunderstood they lied to you twice is thier attention to cheat,,, now is time to hit right in between the crooked eyes,,,and tell them I not take Shiite.....mike

Anonymous said...

Mousy Mike,

Again, again and again, you don't know what you're talking about !