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Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Cambodian Killing Fields was part of Ho Chi Minh's Grand Plan

By True Khmer

Re:Advice to Cambodian government: Remove Hun Sen's family and install the oppositions!

Let me correct you all. Hun Sen himself is not a strong man. It's Hanoi that makes him strong.

The cause of the Cambodian war in the 1970's and the killing fields that followed from 1975-1979 and the occupation of Hanoi troops from 1979-1989 was designed by Hanoi. It is called the Ho Chi Minh Grand Plan or the march down south.

Cambodia is still in the hands of Hanoi, although the war is gone. Hanoi had employed hundreds of its intelligence agents to run Cambodia and work in Cambodia. I just like to name one of the most powerful men, like Tea Banh, who is a Vietnamese, planted by Hanoi and he is still running Cambodian's armed forces.

Democracy in Cambodia is the number one enemy of Hanoi. If Hanoi empire collapsed, Kampuchea Krom and beyond will be free, that is why Hanoi has put all of its energy to ensure that Cambodia's ruling Cambodian People's Party (CPP) survives for another 20-30 years, so that the new Viet offspring will be able to take over the CPP and change the political landscape to a new direction that will change Cambodia from a Khmer nation to a full pro-Hanoi state.

We are lucky in some way that the communist super-power USSR (the Soviet Union) had collapsed in 1989. Without this change, Cambodia could still have been fully Vietnamized by Hanoi and today Cambodia would have been unrecognizable. It would be swarmed by Viets.

Think why Hanoi chose 27 year-old Hun Sen to be Khmer leader back in 1979?

We Khmer must free our nation from Hanoi's claws at all cost, if we are to survive. We must be together in this Battle. Let them know that we are a nation of resilience.
Anonymous said...

True Khmer (23 March 2012 11:04 PM),

Totally agree with you 100%. More than 3 decades, Cambodia was known to be fraught with its own civil war without anyone ever mentioning that the Vietnamese Hanoi regime had interfered in Cambodia.

Vietnam has been telling the world that Cambodian leaders and people are hating each others and killing each others by pointing out that the Khmer Rouges had killed millions of their own people. All of those situations were caused by the Vietnam-Hanoi master-minded leaders as you mentioned that Tea Banh was one of Vietnamese cadres.

Vietnamese Communist leaders are still dreaming and have been keeping their secrets from the UN, not letting the UN find out their dirty secret plans about Cambodia.

The Vietnamese Communist leaders are still in denial that they have done something to harm the Cambodian people, but that subsequent Cambodian leaders had destroyed their own people. That is what the Vietnamese leaders and folks have told the world in very deceptive ways as they are currently very aggressive in badmouthing in order to put down the Cambodian or Khmer people and let the friends of the world think that Cambodian leaders and people are very bad or enemies of each other, instead of them (the Vietnamese) who destroyed Khmers.

They are very clever and have succeeded with their secret plans, but they did not know that we Khmers know it all. We as Khmer people have been very patient and did not know what to do about it because many friends of the world and the UN have been deceived and are so blind because of the spin employed by clever Vietnamese master-minded leaders.

Yes, the Vietnamese communist regime will collapse soon or at any second. If that happens, we could not imagine how happy the Vietnamese people will be when the Communist Hanoi collapses and the Vietnamese folks will be peaceful with the Cambodian people. And we could imagine that the Vietnamese-puppet Cambodian leaders (most of them are Vietnamese) will go berserk, including Hun Sen and his CPP family, because they have lost their protection from their Communist Vietnamese masters.
Anonymous said...

Agree that the removal of the Hun family is a key to Cambodia's progress and prosperity. But the question is how do we go about removing him while he is surrounded by tens of thousands of bodyguards and private army?

24 March 2012 11:59 AM
Anonymous said...

24 March 2012 11:59 AM,

Maybe millions of Cambodian/Khmer people should have guns and weapon, knives, sticks, bombs, etc., and then march into the street across the country of Khmer Land and then the U.S., the UN, NATO allies will keenly watching Cambodia and the Khmer people, who are fighting for their freedom. If the CPP clans, Hun Sen, Vietnamese hidden face bodyguards and military forces, attacked the civilians, then the U.S., China and NATO should warn Hanoi's leaders who play the dirty games who have provided the secret protection and assistance to Hun Sen (their Vietnamese puppets) and the Vietnamese slaves (fake Khmer citizens). The U.S, China and NATO should drop bombs over Hanoi in order to stop those Vietnamese aggression and ill-intentions toward to the Cambodian people and stop the Vietnamese slaves and their followers.

The world is watching!!!


Anonymous said...

Wake up!!! and stop blaming on other. It was Khmer killing Khmer. It was Khmer King Khmer (KKK).

Anonymous said...

There is nothing true about this article which is writing by True Khmer. We need to speak the true, should not make up facts. Ho Chi Minh died long before the Killing Field. Khmers were killing Khmers in the Killing Field. We must have the courage to admit and to recognize our mistake, so that we can learn from that mistake. If we refuse to recognize our mistake, we will make the same mistake again.

There is another figure pointing: The Yellow shirts in Thailand refuse recognize that Thai troops were shooting and killing protesters in Bangkok. They were saying that Cambodians soldiers were doing the shooting that were hired by the Thai government.

Anonymous said...

True Khmer's wrong fact. Tea Banh is not Vietnamese. He is Khmer Lerh. He speaks Thai, not Vietnamese.

Anonymous said...

Banh sounds like a Vietnamese last name to me

Anonymous said...

25 March 2012 3:36 AM,

So, Hun Sen, CPP dogs, Vietnamese leaders and followers have been following the dead Ho Chi Minh until to dream of taking over Cambodia and occupying Cambodia as the opportunity to make wealth, power and have gone beyond over Cambodian people. It similar to L.K. Martin that, "I have a dream." However, it is totally opposite, that using dead Ho Chi Minh's guide to kill Cambodian and Laos people to take their lands and put into Indochina until the Vietnamese mission accomplishes. Dead Ho Chi Minh is a Satan, who created the Killing Fields of Cambodian first before Laos and Khmer Krom people will be perished afterward.

The U.S. had rejected Ho Chi Minh's requests for help back in the early 1950s? The U.S. knew that Ho Chi Minh was evil.

Anonymous said...

25 March 2012 3:21 AM,

You are totally blind if you are Khmer. However, you can be Yuon who can speak, read and write Khmer so well then. Watch the YouTube about the Yuon in Cambodia who have beaten Khmer during the riots or protests. Yes, Yuon in Cambodia were very clever to drive the situation into chaos until the world think Khmer fight their own Khmer people. Yes, Yuon used many strategies to tricks every Khmer people and the world, such as the U.S., UN, EU, etc.

Khmer know so well about Yuon's trick and changing strategies. How much longer will Yuon continue to spend too much energies to invent the tricks and dirty games until today? Yes, the U.S., UN, EU, China, Japan, S. Korea, India, etc., know it all. Do you Yuon are still smart, but it will get very ugly and dumber until next time.

Anonymous said...

25 March 2012 6:06 AM,

No, You are totally wrong because you do not understand the history of civil wars and the dirty games and tricks of Vietnamese master-minded leaders in Hanoi and followers in the international stage and over Cambodia and Cambodian people and leaders who have been exploited by the hypocrite Vietnamese leaders in Hanoi after the death of Ho Chi Minh who followed the steps of Communist USSR Max Lenin in Moscow.

Anonymous said...

Tea Banh is a Thai ethnic from Koh Kong. He speaks Thai fluently.

True Khmer's article here is just his opinion, but some of his rationales about Ho Chi Minh Grand Plans have conformed with the rationales of other Khmer people.
Ho Chi Minh might have been dead 6 years before the KR took power in 1975, but his so-called Grand Plan was devised and coined since 1930 when he created the Indochina Communist Party when he recruited many leftist Khmer intellectuals like Tou Samou, Pol Pot and others early on to join the ICP.
The KR was able to come to power in 1975 because of the assistance from the north Vietnamese army, including fighting, providing food and medicines as well as aiding in getting international recognition. KR troops would have no chance of fighting the Lon Nol troops without the weapons and ground troops from the north Vietnamese.

After KR came to power in 1975,, Vietnam heavily influenced the KR leadership until the KR rebelled in 1977 after they can take orders no more from Vietnam and after border disputes with Vietnam due to encroachments by Vietnamese troops and villagers.

It's true we cannot blame others, like Vietnam and China, totally for the Cambodian killing fields, but their actions, influences and guidance and assistance to the KR have contributed significantly to this tragedy.

Don't ever think that Vietnam never had a plan or hegemonic ambition to swallow Cambodia. Just think about Vietnam's southward march, firstly from the Gulf of Tonkin to the Kingdom of Champa, to Kampuchea Krom and then to Kampuchea Kandal in 1979. Without the Khmer Resistance freedom fighters and the international pressures Vietnam would have never withdrawn its troops from Kampuchea Kandal in 1989.

Anonymous said...

To True Khmer,

Can you provide facts or evidence ?
Knowing the Viets, we are inclined to agree
with your article.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

25 March 2012 9:48 AM,

Your statement below:
"It's true we cannot blame others, like Vietnam and China, totally for the Cambodian killing fields, but their actions, influences and guidance and assistance to the KR have contributed significantly to this tragedy."

You meant that Vietnam have never controlled Cambodia, but it comes to Vietnamese exploitation, Vietnamese have done terrible things the misled the leaders of Cambodia, the dumbest one to hurt his own people, under the order of Vietnamese masters.

China is very different from Vietnam. Chinese people have been all neutralized by doing the businesses and busy to make a living, getting education, becoming well educated, becoming wealthy, and so on. Then Chinese businessmen or folks have overlooked the Vietnamese aggression toward to Cambodia, then the Chinese would do the same thing because of the tricks. Chinese are not blind, but Chinese tired to figure out the way to stop the Vietnamese, but nothing to stop the evil Vietnamese.

So, both China and Vietnam have been trying to compete each other until they led the destruction to Cambodia in the chaos or confused direction or politically and economically.

This is Vietnamese big problem has been faced in Southeast Asia.

The question, what the heck the Vietnamese wants and what is going on in their mind?

Anonymous said...

Did you know that Vietminh troops, had invaded Cambodia from 1968-1969, without King Sihanouk acknowledgement,that led American bombed in Chhan Trear in Kaset Svay reang in 1969 ,which later on it led the CIA to involved in overthrowing King SiHanouk in 1970. Did Hanoi not intend to pull Cambodia into a part of Indochina War Strategy with its troops illegally invaded Cambodia between that time ?

How many Cambodian men and children were taken to be trained in Hanoi between 1953-60. Pen Sovann was one of Hundreds of those children were taken to Hanoi from very early age.Isn't it a clear direct attempt and evidences by Hanoi to turn our beloved country into war?

As someone mention above,without a direct support of 200,000 troops, weapons and administration by Hanoi,with its hidden agents net works in Khmer Rouge administration,like Hanoi doing it again in the CPP administration, could Cambodia have been fallen into a killing field and the Khmer Rouge lose its battle with less than six days to the Hanoi's troops? Cambodia today have Vietnamese as Defense Minister like Tear Banh and Sok kong as Angkor Wat owner?

Without dividing,without the killing Field,there is no way that Hanoi could have occupied for 10 years from 1979-1989,nor the CPP could have been installed and sold the country as they have done now.

War and strategy is somehow like a magic show. You have seen a Khmeng Wat turned into a statesmen,you can't see the truth.It's all cleverly done in a spectacular way by the masked magician Ho Chiminh.

True Khmer

Anonymous said...

It is these stupid and illogical analysis like this and the posting of it that paint Khmers as uneducated irrational and unintelligent people. Where are the proof that VN orchestrated the killing fields that killed many Vietnamese-Cambodians in Cambodia and spilled over to Vietnam side of the border. Yes, there were relation between KR & Vietcong in the 60's, but China and Soviet were the puppet masters. Until China & Soviet rifted, Pol Pot took China side and VN took Soviet side. It is well proved and documented by the REST OF THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY that it was China weapons that were used in the killing field of so many highly educated and skilled Cambodians. Pol Pot was very public about his hating of the Vietnamese while carrying out the genocide. It is understandable that many Khmers dislike the Yuon for other reasons, but to come up with unscientific and illogical craps to make so unbelievable accusations such as Yuon are the architect of KR killing field can only make Khmers loose more creditability to the world. If you want to make an accusation or to post an persuasive article, at least do a believable ones with some reasonable supporting facts like an academic writing. GARBAGE LIKE THIS MAKE US KHMER LOOK STUPID AND IRRELEVANT...!!!!

Anonymous said...

To 4:26pm

If you study the Viet history, it becomes
obvious they want to establish the
Indochinese Federation( Vietnam, Cambodia
and Laos )under the Viet's control.
We must and will stop that.
The Viet expantionists are so evil and tricky
in such a way that they have been masquerading
their criminal acts to the Khmers and the world
that the Khmers kill the Khmers.
That is why Hanoi put a Khmer Vietminh, very
uneducated to LEAD Cambodia for over 30
By definition, Cambodia is under a Vietnamese
occupation, a BENIGN OCCUPATION !!!

We must fight to free ourselves.

A Khmer Patriot

Anonymous said...

True Khmer, I understand that you are dislike and hate Vietnamese, but most of your facts are makeup, not true what-so-ever. We should not use fear and hate to lead or to persuade other. We must speak the true in order to enlighten us.
It is true that Vietnam has an ambition to take Cambodia and to place Cambodia under its confederation or at least they tries to influent Cambodia to be friendlier toward them as the neighbor. However, Vietnam did not create The Killing Field. It was Khmers killing Khmers. We have to say that it is our pain and our suffering. We have to suck it up, inhaled it, and get used to it. By implicate that someone else is at fault, it is not going to make us feel any better. Facing the true is the only way to heal the pain. Three things cannot be hided, the moon, the sun, and the true. So, Let us all learn from the mistake and make sure it never happens again.

Anonymous said...

Of course, in battlefield looked like khmer is killed khmer, you were right. By saying that, It was so many factors that we (all) should learn and need to pull more the history folks because the root and causes of problem related insight there/khmer has fully documented it by the khmer intelligent and plus the world watching, too.And so, I encourage khmer to study a real history of khmer, but not the fake .That it would be nicely and easily for all of us to analyze which what it be caused a deep trouble in whole region of South East Asia, especially in Indochina, Viet ,Khmer,Lao .

Whenever the two groups have a different in a political stance those it will be created a whole mess right there.

Here some hints for anyone who is in doubt in which khmer killed khmer. That is true, I believe that.
If we go an extra mile further than that by raising some more question of why does this thing happen in Khmer?
Are you familiarizing with word Vietcong, Vietminh and A youn Veh/Black-teeth ?

Does anyone realize that how many of orphans'khmers kid and a hundred adults khmere for which the Vietcong they had been captured back to their country during war in 1970s and even before. For that they used it a political loser and have kept trainning camp by their ideology and indoctrinate them to caused as hatred among khmer and khmer just because to serve their common purpose as an expansionism in Indochina.

For fact, Why don't you ask youself or won't you surprise at all of how come the Cpp's puppet of Vietminh is remaining holding in Power Still?
Seen from my own vision, Youn is stayed behind the scen and its acting, creating,mastering as well as for khmer killed khmer, Is it make sense, now folk.

e.g., looking at case of Khmer rouge tribunal.


Anonymous said...


The words mistake is always eligible just for people who know how to admit it, but not the one never admit it.
Mentioning whit this sense, neither a Khmer vietminh nor A khmer rouge, I'm not going to support them all.
As matter of facts, we still need the cadre of khmer rouge to exercise beyond their fully capacity and their knowledge in the tribunal court of justice where is located in khmer first in order to find out who is behind the curtain's iron leading to cause khmer lives over than million. After following of that matter, we will let the justice throw those khmer rouge leader in jail.

One of communist slogan says if you dig out the grasses you have to dig it out the whole grass' roots .


Anonymous said...

25 March 2012 9:26 PM and 25 March 2012 1:22 PM,

Totally disagree with you. You are not different from Vietnamese's mindsets. You are very smart to be so dumb based on your statements. There are several questions as followed:

1. You have getting on Cambodian/Khmer people's cases, but claiming only Cambodian's fault. How many time and how long have Yuon called Khmer dumb, stupid, dirty, butt-naked Khmer, topless woman, etc.

2. Who started the trouble the first place in the Khmer region for centuries by getting involving other countries or neighbors by playing to be a nice and sweet guys, how sweet it sounded until Khmer people were betrayed? Yuon (Die Viet) or Khmer?

3. Did Yuon start to get involved inside Cambodia as journalists or discover in Cambodia and started to make friends with Khmer until Yuon started to kill Khmer people to steal the land and properties that are not belonging to Yuon?
Yuon deserve to be call the bad names because of their committed crimes at the first.

4. How about the Cambodia is being swallowed by Yuon? Recently, who made Hun Sen as a Prime Minister?

5. Why so many Vietnamese aliens illegally occupied deeper inside Cambodia/Khmer government administrations, changing the political landscape, interfering Cambodian/Khmer affairs, taking the opportunities to destroy all the cultures, tradition, causing corruptions in Cambodian government, and beyond out of controls,...

There are many questions to ask and just leave it here so that other of our Khmer bloggers to post some questions or join the debates here.

Anonymous said...

25 March 2012 10:26 PM,

We need to throw all Khmer Rouges who are Khmer Vietminh including Hun Sen, Hor Nam Hong, Heng Samrin, Chea Sim, illegal Vietnamese officials like Sok An, Kok An, Men Sam An, Sok Kong, ect into Jail and then the UN and International Communities have to make Hanoi leaders under house arrest because they have been deeply involved with terrible wars and interfered with Cambodian (as well as Laos) from the first place, causing millions of innocent Khmer people's lives.

That is the plan.

Anonymous said...

i don't buy this articles, bull shit
u don't know the real fact,, stop bull shit peopled.,, ass hole.,

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me that is it true that the Vietminh troops were illegally Cambodia between 1968-1969?
What did Hanoi troops aimed for?.

Is true Khmer is true?

Anonymous said...

26 March 2012 3:15 AM,

You are the one that bullshitting people that only CPP dogs and slaves, dumbest and meanest Vietnamese dogs and Vietnamese master-minded leaders and followers in Hanoi are great and never bullshitted the world.

Go ahead to lie the world!!!

Anonymous said...

25 March 2012 10:32 PM : It is near hopelessness to logically get the message through people like you and some other extremist in this forum. Why??? you have just responded to my previous reply (@ 25 March 2012 10:32 PM) by listing a list of some facts and some conspiracies that even if true, are not direct evidences that constitute FACTUAL SUPPORT to the theory of Yuon carrying out the killing field.

Yes, we agree that ancient emperial Youn and current Communist Yuon are responsible for some atrocities of Khmers, you cannot just lump the blame of every mishap of Khmer to Yuon and close our eyes to other objective facts unanimously established by neutral parties and even many Khmer's own words. If we refuse to do some self-reflection and retrieve lessons to learn to better our future, we are only not elevating our civility, but also denying justice to our fellow Khmers who went through hell with the Khmer Rouge by not making those KR pay for their vicious crimes against their own people.

Anonymous said...

Some bloggers posted the comments to prevent the current Vietnamese CPP officials and Hun Sen who paid them to write the articles or post the comments to avoid the truth of their real crimes.

Also, some bloggers (Vietnamese spies) have been trying hard to prevent the evil Communist Vietnamese master-minded leaders and follower in Hanoi to be unmasked and exposed to the world, that the Vietnamese masters are the real killers, the natural resources and land thieves, dirty-trick or games players that killed millions of innocent and intelligent Khmer/Cambodian people in the blind eyes of the friends of world and gullible Cambodian/Khmer people.

We can see some of Vietnamese CPP supporters and Vietnamese gangsters have been very active to protect the hypocrite Vietnam and the evil Hanoi leaders and their puppets in Cambodia (as well as Laos). Those Vietnamese and CPP criminals can not hide anymore because the world are now watching.

Anonymous said...

Hart to believe but this is the result of the pluralism of the new Khmer intellectuals.
They always felt, they were right and other were wrong and the enemy of the nation.

Anonymous said...

This post is garbage at its best. There is no supporting documents or anything to support this post but lots of hearsay. Where's the supporting documents?