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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Khmerization blog confirmed blocked in Thailand

Here is the screenshot of Khmerization blog appeared on the screen when a reader tried to access it in Thailand. This screenshot was sent to me by my contact in Thailand.

By Khmerization

On 7th June, I reported that "Khmerization blog" has just been blocked by ICT of Thailand. Since then, one reader said he still can access the website from Thailand. He said the reason he still can access the website from Thailand is because maybe his ISP (internet service provider) has not been blocked by ICT of Thailand.

However, a number of my contacts and readers in Thailand have confirmed to me that "Khmerization blog" has been blocked in Thailand. This is a message I received from my contacts in Thailand: "I can say that some ISPs were blocked by ICT in Thailand but the other ISPs were not blocked by ICT of Thailand. Anyway, they did block your blog in Thailand by this Ministry of Information and Communication because when my Thai friends access to your blog, it shows Thai message", with the English message that says "This website has been blocked by ICT".

I have no doubt of the reason why my website has been blocked in Thailand. It's been blocked because this website has published many critical articles of the Thai royal family and the Thai monarchy, especially the Thai king. Thailand is the third large source of visitors to my blog after the United States and Cambodia, so I wish to take the opportunity here to thank all my readers from Thailand, Thais or foreigners, for all their supports.


Anonymous said...

Khmerization, good job. Please try to post your articles regarding Thailand at other blogs, like Ki Media, so your readers in Thailand can know the truth about Thailand and the bad side of the Thai monarchy and Thai king.

Anonymous said...

Su Su

Anonymous said...

If a power has real authority and it is based on true and honesty, it cannot be afraid of the media. If a power is dishonest, untrue, violent and unjust, it has not other way that shut the voices of the media. This is the best act to demonstrate that your blog is touching something that Thailand is unable to resolve by modern democracy.

Khmerization said...

1:06 AM, I share your thought and thanks for your encouragement. I think that my blog must have touched their nerves that's why it's been blocked by the Thai authority.

Anonymous said...

Actually, you have free to write anything concern Thai monarchy or other monarchy, but If some blog or website write to your country monarchy in the bad side, How feeling you are?

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